To Solve Your Bird Problems, Turn to the Bird Experts

Mar 1, 2020

When it comes to nuisance birds, there’s no such thing as a one-size fits all solution, as pest control companies would have you believe.

For example, bird spikes may deter pigeons but sparrows love to nest in them. The same holds true for bird netting poorly installed: it may deter one bird species but can make an attractive source of nesting material for another. (And spikes and nets purchased from hardware stores fall apart quickly.)

To Solve Your Bird Problems, Turn To The Bird Experts

Bird issues can be complex, which is why one-dimensional solutions often fail – if they were easy, anyone could solve them. Instead, you need bird experts to identify the type of bird you are dealing with and the right mix of structural deterrents, technology and services to eliminate your bird problems once and for all.

That is why using biologists, field experienced bird experts and professional construction technicians is far more effective than using your local exterminator.

Managing Bird Conflicts with the Experts

There are federal, state and local laws that apply to bird control. In many cases, licensing and permitting are required. Bird control experts keep up with the laws and are knowledgeable in the species-specific behaviors that influence efforts to solve your bird problems.

When your property is impacted by unsightly and unhealthy bird poop, aggressive birds that attack people, or nesting debris that can clog gutters and cause roof damage, it’s time to turn to the experts. The best practice is to discourage birds before they nest on your property but there are also a wide variety of services and solutions once they’ve arrived.

Canine Patrol

When it comes to getting rid of geese, the use of border collies is one of the most effective legal ways to move them off your property – it is illegal to exterminate them or to interfere with their young. If a pest control company pitches you on any other method, beware.

Border collies appear to stalk geese as a natural predator would. When the dogs are brought on your property at different times on different days, geese will leave because of their growing level of fear and discomfort.

Bird Control Specialists vs. Exterminator Generalists

Pest control companies spend most of their time exterminating rats, roaches, termites and other pests. Few, if any, have biologists on staff for managing bird issues nor the knowledge to humanely handle bird conflicts with people.

Reputable bird specialists know how to safely control bird populations without harming birds or other animals, pets or people. They are licensed, experienced and trained to manage bird conflicts with a specialized array of knowledge that includes biology and construction of structural deterrents.

At Wild Goose Chase, we’ve developed and provided successful bird management programs for over 22 years. We specialize in all types of birds including geese, gulls, pigeons, sparrows, starlings,swallows, and turkey vultures.

Our team includes staff biologists trained in species-specific techniques for the humane and effective management of bird conflicts, which includes canine patrol, nest removal, egg depredation, and more.

Our processes include a thorough site survey and a detailed assessment of your situation.

We also have experts in installing structural deterrents, including bird lasers and the automated AVIX Autonomic system, shock strips, netting and spikes. Together, our experts customize and implement bird deterrent programs that work – not cookie cutter techniques or gimmicks that treat bird conflicts like ordinary pest control efforts. Birds are extremely adaptable and can work around basic solutions.

Don’t waste your time and money on ineffective methods that may end up attracting more birds. Our bird experts can end your bird conflicts, safely and cost-effectively. Contact us to request a site evaluation.

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