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Wild Goose Chase has successfully utilized handheld lasers in humane bird control for the last 20 years. As new pest bird problems developed and came to our attention, we started expanding on our potential solutions. One tool we were very interested in was a laser that would deter pest birds for a farmer in the Midwest without having the intensive human investment that a handheld would need. While searching for the right solution, we were fortunate to find an innovative and effective product that was just what we were looking for from Bird Control Group.

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Since finding their product line in 2015, we have experienced great success in humanely managing pest bird issues with laser products. We are proud to be the longest term certified installer and integrator for AVIX Autonomic Mark II and Agrilaser technology in the US, pioneering the use of their automated and handheld laser products for a variety of clients including agriculture, water treatment plants, airports, and even in emergency response to chemical and oil spills. We have completed custom installations in seven states with a primary focus on the Midwest. Wild Goose Chase sells, installs and provides laser operator safety training for all laser options.

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