• Reduce Crop Loss with Bird Lasers

    With Optimized Programming for Your Property & Wild Bird Issues

Bird Deterrents for Farms & Agriculture

Reduce Crop Loss & Strengthen Biosecurity


Bird Lasers

Automated lasers with customized programming based upon specific bird species and property characteristics to harmlessly deter birds.

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Netting & Bird Exclusion

Netting, Flock Off and other bird exclusion solutions prevents bird access to soffits, rooftops, overhangs, entrances, loading docks and other bird-prone areas.

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Population Control

Strengthen biosecurity and reduce human health and safety risks by reducing the population of waterfowl, migratory, and resident bird species on your property.

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How Agricultural Bird Control Works

Biological Site Assessment

Staff biologists evaluate bird species, property characteristics, crop/product, and more.

Solution Formulation

Appropriate solutions are designed by a team of experienced bird experts and biologists.


Bird control solutions are installed and configured, for maximum effectiveness.

Ongoing Support

Bird control solutions are routinely maintained and adjusted to ensure continued effectiveness.

Who We Serve

Soft Fruit Farms & Vineyards
Row Crops
Poultry & Egg Producers
Feed Producers & Agroprocessing

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