Bird Control Service Testimonials

Wild Goose Chase has been a great success with our geese control. Our garden has grown to a considerable height (with a lot of hand watering) and the geese don’t seem to give it a second look.

– Downtown Services Manager

Annually, Harvest Select Catfish experiences a minimum of $750,000 worth of damages to its fish from pest birds. “Since implementing the automated laser, we have seen an 80-90% reduction in the number of birds so far this year compared to this time last year. I’ve been impressed so far with the results.”

– Fish Farm Manager

We must be at nearly 70 pigeons removed, Amazing! I just walked back and forth out front and did not see a single pigeon.

– Chief Engineer of City Building

Thank you for doing such great work all of these years and being totally responsive to our needs. It has been an easy ride, and you’ve made it easy!

– Head of Natural Resources for Outdoor Garden & Museum

Just got home and the 40 geese that were in the yard aren’t here anymore!!! This laser is awesome!

– Chicago Area Homeowner

Wild Goose Chase has provided reliable and effective goose management solutions for our golf course for nearly five years. We appreciate the way they work with our budget to provide the best services for the best return on our investment. Our account manager is very knowledgeable about our golf course and always provides recommendations to best minimize the goose population and issues that they cause. They continue to provide a great service without disrupting our golf operations, which is very important to us.

– Golf Course Superintendent

Wild Goose Chase has made a significant impact on managing the goose problems at our property for more than 10 years of service. We like their proactive plans and they always respond quickly when we need them for something special. We also appreciate how professional they are when working on our grounds!

– Professional Athletic Field Manager

Wild Goose Chase has been a valued partner for 18 years and I highly recommend their services. Their customized management plans have allowed us to stay within budget while effectively managing nuisance geese activity on our entire 500-acre estate. WGC’S responsiveness to our requests is exemplary, and they are scrupulous about tracking data to illustrate the progress we have made from year to year. If your property is being overrun by nuisance geese, the highly trained professionals at Wild Goose Chase will work tirelessly to make your goose problems a thing of the past.

– Public Estate and Museum Director

Wild Goose Chase took over all goose management services at our golf course in the spring of 2018 after our past provider notified us they could no longer service our property. We were impressed with how quickly Ali Phillips and her team were able to respond, provide proposals and begin servicing within such a short period of time. Their services were highly effective and we look forward to continuing to work with them for all of our goose management needs.

– Golf Course Superintendent

We recently invited Wild Goose Chase back to service our two, park district golf courses this last spring. They had serviced us in the past and picked up exactly where they left off and they did not skip a beat. Their daily service helped to keep our courses clear of geese and the messes they leave behind. We will recommend their company to any golf courses dealing with goose issues.

– Golf Course

Please let your team know that we are grateful for their service! We have seen a HUGE improvement with less geese onsite since before they started working on our property!

– HOA Property Manager

We’ve proudly been using Wild Goose Chase at our airport since 1999! Sue and the team do an outstanding job with wildlife mitigation on our airport that has helped us in more ways than we can count. Innovation is another extremely favorable attribute that WGC has. We were the first Airport in the United States to use canines for geese control and now one of the first handful of airports to use laser technology as well. Very professional and compassionate staff that honestly cares about our clients. Their work, dedication, and passion for their mission is what make them an industry leader, not a follower.

– Chicago Executive Airport – PWK