Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Custom exclusion installation
to prevent sparrow nesting in ambulance
bays of a major hospital.

Hospitals have a reputation for being the cleanest and safest place to be. It’s where we go when we are sick or broken and expect to get better. However, pest bird infestations at hospitals can put healthcare providers and patients at risk. Bird droppings can host over 60 known diseases and create unsanitary conditions. Rooftops, HVAC units, and window sills all provide access for bird droppings to interfere with patient health. Not to mention how aesthetically displeasing it is to see. Diseases such as histoplasmosis, salmonella, campylobacter, avian flu, and more are a concern with birds roosting and nesting on hospital properties. Aggressive nesting birds in the hospital landscaping, parking lot island and trees are also a concern.

Pest birds usually associated with hospitals include pigeons, geese, starlings, and gulls. Successful management involves excluding birds from accessing key areas and deterring birds from choosing the property as a roosting or foraging site. Emergency solutions include, but are not limited to, trapping pigeons to reduce population, aggressive goose nest removal, spikes, and exclusion.

This hospital parking garage was overtaken with pigeons, leaving behind a huge accumulation of droppings. As people parked to visit loved ones or receive care, they would track droppings into the hospital on their shoes and potentially be exposed to disease.

Birds perching in a hospital garage

Birds perching on a hospital garage ledge

Strategic installation of metal angle deterrent and spikes where the birds had been perching removed access which resolved the mess.

Metal angle deterrent and spikes in hospital garage