About Wild Goose Chase

Our philosophy is predicated on a sound understanding of wildlife heritage and the responsibility it requires. We have helped our customers better manage the negative impact of wild Canada geese, seagulls and other nuisance birds upon their properties since 1998. The Wild Goose Chase team, through years of experience and research, has formulated an approach that is both highly successful and conscientious. In fact, we are one of the first companies to develop a truly “integrated approach” which has proven most effective and humane in managing bird populations according to the Wildlife Society.

The Wild Goose Chase integrated system combines several techniques and services to minimize the destructive, and sometimes even dangerous migratory bird problems. And, combined, these strategies become a more powerful deterrent and fit the unique needs of each customer’s property. All Wild Goose Chase bird control methods, from structural deterrents to our Border Collie Chase Program, are administered with a complete respect of the laws and regulations protecting specific bird species.

Wild Goose Chase is affiliated with several organizations that share the philosophy of managing the wildlife in a respectful manner.

In 2009 and 2010, we launched two related businesses to extend and meet the needs of our customers. Through Canine Inspection and Detection Services (CDIS), we help customers with the detection and management of the bed bugs through the use of bed bug dogs. Another Wild Goose Chase Franchise began offering WGC franchises to make our Canada goose control and migratory bird management services available throughout the United States.

Why We’re Different

  • We understand the importance to protect a property from health and safety risks caused by pest birds.
  • We have a uniquely assembled bird control team including science, construction, sales, and customer support professionals.
  • We provide observation and analysis before prescription.
  • We have customized service systems and trained personnel that enable a workforce that is uniquely responsive compared to our competitors.