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Why Do Birds Attack Windows?

April 27, 2021
Spring migration is the high season for birds crashing into windows. Deaths number in the hundreds of millions every year. While many of these crashes are the result of birds’ inability to recognize the glass barrier, some are deliberate attacks, with birds striking over and over, sometimes for hours at... Read More

New Study Shows the Effectiveness of Lasers for Bird Management

April 7, 2021
Handheld and autonomic lasers have long been popular methods of bird management; a new study from Wageningen University shows just how effective they are. Waterfowl and other pest birds can threaten crops, endanger livestock with diseases such as avian flu, and cause damage to facilities. Lasers have long been used... Read More

Migrating Bird Window Collisions: 5 Risk Factors

April 6, 2021
The second leading cause of death for birds in the United States is window collisions, with an estimated  one billion birds dying every year. Birds can’t see glass and don’t recognize the structural clues that distinguish windows from open air.  While houses account for nearly half of all collisions, large... Read More

Protecting People and Property Against Aggression by Nesting Geese

March 22, 2021
This goose is ready to attack! Geese are well known for their volatile temperaments. Some breeds of domestic geese are even kept as “guard dogs,” helping to protect livestock and property from both human and animal intruders. Wild geese are no different, and when nesting season hits, their legendary willingness... Read More

How To Prevent a Rooftop Nesting Disaster

March 5, 2021
Gull nesting season is fast approaching – with only a couple of months left before the first eggs are laid. Why is this a problem? With Great Lakes colonies numbering in the tens of thousands, gull nesting grounds need a lot of real estate. As natural nesting areas are replaced... Read More

Proactive Bird Management: 8 Reasons to Get Your Plans in Place Now

February 23, 2021
We’ve reached the end of winter and everything has been cold and dreary for so long, it can be hard to remember green grass, flowering trees, sparrows nesting in your eaves, geese pooping all over your picnic areas, birds crashing into your windows, and aggressive gulls dive bombing you. But... Read More

Hibernate? Migrate? Or Cozy Up on Your Property? How Birds Manage Winter

January 11, 2021
The most well-known animal strategies for surviving the bleak winter months are to hibernate or to migrate. Most mammals choose hibernation;  most birds go with migration. But there are exceptions. The Common Poorwill hibernates. Some bird species do neither. What happens to birds like chickadees, robins, and cardinals – and... Read More

Which Bird Control Products Work Best During the Bird Migration Season?

December 16, 2020
The Mississippi flyway is a major migration path that follows the Mississippi River. Millions of migrating birds, around 325 species and 40% of US populations, use this route to migrate between wintering grounds in the northern US and Canada, and breeding grounds in the southern states, and Central and South... Read More

How Birds Impact the Dairy Industry

December 15, 2020
For better and for worse, birds are an important part of agriculture. They eat many insect pests, provide rodent control, and even pollinate some flowers. They also cause a lot of damage by consuming crops and feed and spreading diseases to livestock. For farmers, the risks of certain bird populations... Read More