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Why Birds Can’t Get Enough of Your Sweet Corn This Growing Season

May 12, 2022
Sweet corn is one of the predominant crops in the Midwest, and is popular with both people and animals. Unfortunately, there are many species of migratory birds that feed on local crops including sandhill cranes, European starlings, and red-winged blackbirds. In 2019 the USDA published a study showing that blackbirds... Read More

How Bird Feeding Can Expose Birds to Unnatural Threats

May 10, 2022
Bird feeding has been a recreational pastime for centuries. The opportunity to see beautiful wild birds close-up to observe their behavior and interact with them brings joy and inspiration to millions, and billions of dollars to the economy. However, like people, birds can get sick. Diseases caused by bacteria and... Read More

Are You Using the Wrong Bird Deterrents on Your Property?

April 28, 2022
While there are many bird deterrents on the market, choosing the right one can make – or break – the results of your bird problems. Determining a successful deterrent starts with identifying the birds in question, where the problem is occurring, and the severity of the problem. From visual to... Read More

Effective Strategies for Keeping Hungry Birds Away from Fisheries

April 19, 2022
If it can be grown, people grow it: crops, orchards, livestock, and even fish. And the things that people grow do not go unnoticed by hungry birds. Whether for sport or for food, fisheries and aquaculture are no exception. In fact, fish-eating birds like herons and cormorants can devastate fish... Read More

The Midwest’s Most Common Nuisance Birds

April 13, 2022
Which Midwestern bird species top the list for nuisance issues? Canada Goose. The Canada Goose is an amazing conservation success story. In fact, they have been so successful at adapting to urban areas that they are the top nuisance bird nationwide and the bread and butter of the bird control... Read More

Protecting Spring Crops from Hungry Migrating Birds

March 29, 2022
When it comes to planning for the spring crop, an ounce of bird prevention is more like a bushel of cure. With so many birds migrating north to their nesting and breeding homes, your seeds and freshly planted crops may be taken for an all-you-can-eat buffet. Whether they are just... Read More

H5N1 Alert: USDA Confirms Cases of Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Illinois

March 15, 2022
On Saturday, the United States Department of Agriculture confirmed cases of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in Illinois and Kansas. Highly pathogenic avian influenza – also known as H5N1 or HPAI – can wreak havoc on commercial and non-commercial flocks. This past week, the USDA confirmed the presence of... Read More

The New Neighbors are Here and They’re Not Happy to Meet You

March 8, 2022
It’s nesting season for Canada geese and property owners across the Midwest will soon have new neighbors in unexpected places. It can be difficult to understand a goose family’s choice of location for building their nest; they frequently choose spots near busy retail and commercial entrances, seemingly undeterred by the... Read More

Got Birds? How to Recognize a Bird Problem on Your Property

February 22, 2022
More than 500 species of birds spend at least part of their time in the Midwest, in every variety of habitat, and on every kind of property. Birds provide many benefits beyond the pleasure we derive from watching them and listening to their songs. But not all bird encounters are... Read More