Bird Control, Geese Removal & Pigeon Deterrent News

How to Ensure Your Crops For The Season

January 27, 2023
As winter comes to its peak in January and February, it can be difficult to think of every detail that goes into the spring planting season. There are plenty of birds that are around year-round on most properties, whether it be in neighboring woods or inside barns and other buildings... Read More

A Guide to Goose & Gull Egg Removal Permits in Illinois

January 24, 2023
For those of us in the still-frozen Midwest, spring may seem far away. But warmer temperatures – and new generations of baby birds – will be here before you know it: goose breeding season starts in February and extends through April and gull breeding season stretches from March to July.... Read More

New Year, New Bird Conflict Solutions!

January 11, 2023
As leading experts in the bird management field, we are always looking at innovations and inventions to help our clients find the right solutions for their bird conflicts. Enter Flock Off! Flock Off is a revolutionary product for deterring birds from perching or loafing on a structure 24/7. It works... Read More

Take Steps Now to Get Ahead of Your 2023 Bird Conflicts

December 21, 2022
Every year, we get dozens of calls for emergency bird work, both nuisance and conservation. We try to answer these as quickly as possible, but during peak seasons, like spring nesting, we can’t always get to a call immediately. This year, we want to share some steps you can take... Read More

How Geese Survive the Winter Months

December 6, 2022
The Canada geese habitat gradually becomes inhospitable during the fall and winter months and geese, along with countless other species, must migrate to warmer places to meet their dietary needs. Although their natural migration is usually southward or toward lakes, in recent years the goose population has been steadily increasing... Read More

Thankful for Birds: Why We’re Grateful to Co-Exist with Birds

November 22, 2022
Wild birds can be a nuisance and a risk to human health and safety. They create added maintenance costs, damage structures, and leave a mess for property and business owners. In fact, nuisance issues comprise the majority of our work. But without birds, humans would lose a valuable part of... Read More

Canine Employees Work Like Dogs and Love Doing It

November 8, 2022
It’s no secret that dogs love having a job to do. There’s something special about a dog partnering with people to do a job well. Our border collies provide a natural and humane solution to the mess and aggression that can result from wild bird conflicts. And have a great... Read More

Managing Conflicts with North American Vultures

October 11, 2022
There are 22 different bird species classified as vultures. Generally, the vultures are divided into two categories, Old World and New World. Old World vultures include species like the Egyptian vulture and the common griffon vulture; New World vultures include species like the turkey vulture and the black vulture. As... Read More