• Humane Solutions for Conflicts Between
    Birds and People

Pest Bird Control Consulting & Expertise

Biologist-managed techniques for solving nuisance bird problems

How Conscientious Bird Control Works

Step 1

Site Evaluation

Site Evaluation

Identification of problem areas, nuisance birds and best methods as determined by staff biologists


Step 2

Licensing Permitting

Licensing & Permitting

Government permitting and reporting managed by our staff of licensed employees and bird experts


Step 3

Bird Prevention

Bird Prevention & Exclusion

Implementation of structural enhancements, technology and tools, customized by species and location


Step 4

Bird Population

Bird Population Control

Border collies, egg depredation and nest management techniques for humane and effective solutions


Nuisance Birds We Manage


“KEI has successfully contracted with Migratory Bird Management (MBM) to provide our clients management of nuisance birds for quite a while now. KEI finds it invaluable that MBM offers a turnkey service, including managing and navigating the required federal permit and reporting process and forms. Mike Michalski and his team are very knowledgeable in bird behavior, bird species, and the unique challenges each present. Mike is always pro-active and keeps us and our clients well informed of their progress in managing this critical service. MBM’s professional approach to protecting our client’s employees, visitors and property from the hazards of nuisance birds provides a value added service that we can bring to the table for our clients. KEI highly recommends you call Mike and MBM if you are experiencing issues with nuisance birds.”

President, Landscape Management Contractor

New Indy 7

“We have been virtually goose free since Wild Goose Chase was out here. It’s been pretty remarkable. The golf course right down the road has 60-100 geese out there every day, but I go whole weeks without seeing a single goose. No geese are staying overnight – or at least there is no evidence of them in the morning.”

Golf Course/Country Club


“We’ve proudly been using Wild Goose Chase at our airport since 1999! Sue and the team do an outstanding job with wildlife mitigation on our airport that has helped us in more ways than we can count. Innovation is another extremely favorable attribute that WGC has. We were the first Airport in the United States to use canines for geese control and now one of the first handful of airports to use laser technology as well. Very professional and compassionate staff that honestly cares about our clients. Their work, dedication, and passion for their mission is what make them an industry leader, not a follower.”

Chicago Executive Airport - PWK

New Indy 6

“We recently invited Wild Goose Chase back to service our two, park district golf courses this last spring. They had serviced us in the past and picked up exactly where they left off and they did not skip a beat. Their daily service helped to keep our courses clear of geese and the messes they leave behind. We will recommend their company to any golf courses dealing with goose issues.”

Park District Golf Course

New Indy 5

“Wild Goose Chase has made a significant impact on managing the goose problems at our property for more than 10 years of service. We like their proactive plans and they always respond quickly when we need them for something special. We also appreciate how professional they are when working on our grounds!”

Professional Athletic Field Manager

Markets We Serve

Office Buildings





Food Processing

Condo & Apartment Buildings

Condo & Apartment Buildings


Farms & Agriculture

About Us

Wild Goose Chase Indy (WGC Indy) was founded in 2021 by Susan Hagberg (President of Wild Goose Chase Inc.) and Rusty Fields (Owner of Rusty’s Animal Control) as a collaborative effort to provide experienced, biology-based avian wildlife control to the State of Indiana. Both Rusty and Sue have 20+ years of pest control experience, making them leaders in our industry. CLICK HERE to learn more