Take Steps Now to Get Ahead of Your 2023 Bird Conflicts

Dec 21, 2022
Bird and cityscape

Every year, we get dozens of calls for emergency bird work, both nuisance and conservation. We try to answer these as quickly as possible, but during peak seasons, like spring nesting, we can’t always get to a call immediately. This year, we want to share some steps you can take to prevent the kind of problems that can lead to emergency bird calls in 2023. Here are three ways to get 2023 off to a good start.

1. Don’t Wait For Nesting Season to Start Your Deterrent Plan

Call us now if you know you will have nuisance nesting birds on site in the coming year. Depending on the species, permits may take time to process and have deadlines. We want to make sure we are ready to help you. We may also be able to eliminate some potential nesting spots ahead of time with structural exclusion or deterrents.

2. Prepare for Migration

If you’ve had bird issues during migration in the past, sign up for services now so we can be on site before you are inundated with huge flocks.  Migration deterrent services can prevent flocks from using your property as a resting site – along with all of the resulting mess and damage.

3. Prevent Window Collisions

It is easy for property owners to forget about the risk and disruption of window collisions once migration season is over. However, assessments and treatment installs are more effective with planning that gives us time to prepare and assess based on factors that include the migration and weather forecasts.

A Feather Friendly bird collision deterrent marker project

Safe, Humane & Professional Bird Deterrent Services for 2023

At Wild Goose Chase, our team is here to help you manage your bird conflicts throughout 2023, with safe, humane and biologist-led strategies customized by location, species and season.

By planning for your seasonal deterrent needs before the feathers fly, you can reduce the aggravation, cost and time spent on managing bird conflicts on your property.

Let us help you with a plan to make 2023 smooth flying for your bird management issues. Give us a call and learn the steps you can take now to save time, money, and headaches next year.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday and a safe and healthy New Year!

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