Summertime Goose Control Starts in the Grass

Jul 13, 2022
Molting Season

In the summer, Canada geese begin their molt phase and are increasingly seen in grassy areas. The molt phase is when the birds lose their flight feathers and need to grow new ones.

The molting season is nature’s way of forcing the geese to stay put and wait for goslings to grow their own flight feathers in preparation for fall migration. At this time in the bird’s life, geese instinctively start to favor grassy fields as their main source of food. It’s more difficult to get them off your property and it can require a combination of efforts to persuade them to move along.

As an expert in biology-based bird conflict management, the Wild Goose Chase team employs multiple methods to control bird populations.

One particularly effective method for molting season is a spray-on product called Flight Control® Plus. Flight Control Plus is a water-soluble solution applied to turf grass areas to deter geese from eating grass. Flight Control Plus doesn’t harm geese but causes gastric upset and conditions them to move elsewhere.

Well-trained, Biology-Based Team Ensures Safe, Effective Results

At Wild Goose Chase, every employee spraying Flight Control Plus has the training and pesticide applicator license required by state law to ensure proper and effective application. We are certified to apply Flight Control Plus to both residential and commercial properties.

Commitment to Quality Control

Flight Control Plus, like any other chemical application, has specified product label uses and guidelines.

While some landscaping companies combine chemicals to reduce spray time, manual labor and costs, at Wild Goose Chase, our practice is to use only one product in our tanks. This ensures that the benefits of Flight Control Plus are not diluted or impacted by unintentional side effects.

Those benefits include a bonding agent that allows the spray to adhere to the turf grasses and provides a longer lasting effect.

The Right Equipment & Processes for Best Results

At Wild Goose Chase, we use a tank sprayer with a small nozzle as recommended by the product label. The nozzle creates fine droplets that cover grass blades and dry quickly. This tank is placed on the back of a UTV or backpack sprayer for ease of spraying and the ability to continuously mix the compounds. Because Flight Control Plus is heavier than the water mixed with it, the difference in weight can cause the product to settle at the bottom of the tank if not mixed continuously. We use this tank exclusively for Flight Control Plus to avoid mixing of any residual chemicals. After each spray, to ensure the Flight Control Plus doesn’t solidify, we thoroughly wash the tank and nozzles.  We deep clean our equipment at the end of each season to ensure the equipment is ready to go for the next season.

Product labels are testing-supported and developed to ensure proper use of the product. It is the applicator’s responsibility to understand and implement these recommendations. Our staff is trained and certified to apply Flight Control Plus using best practices and label-recommended techniques to ensure the best possible outcome.

At Wild Goose Chase, we are committed to managing goose populations safely, humanely and effectively, using the best practices possible.

For reliable, cost-effective solutions to your molting season goose conflicts, reach out to the experts at Wild Goose Chase.

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