Meet Our Dog Trainer: Amy Dunlap

May 10, 2016
Meet Our Dog Trainer: AMY Dunlap

Amy Dunlap (WGC Dog Trainer) Pi (Goose Chaser) with Ken Ramirez from Clicker Training EXPO

Amy Dunlap began training at Wild Goose Chase in October of 2015. She is a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College graduating from Animal Behavior College in June of 2014, while her husband was an Army Ranger at Fort Benning. During her schooling, Amy was mentored by Johanna Carmack of Curious Canine Dog Training in Phenix City, Alabama.

She also volunteered at East Alabama Humane Society with the goal of making their long term dogs more adoptable. As her husband was military, she grew a very strong passion for helping veterans, which led her to be a Pets for Vets approved dog trainer for the Chicagoland area.

Amy is an active member of the Pet Professionals Guild, where up to date studies, online seminars, and trainer to trainer advice is shared. It is very important to her to keep up with modern science and behavioral studies for dogs, so the newest and most effective, positive methods are utilized for all the dogs at Wild Goose Chase.

Amy’s duties at Wild Goose Chase include providing a training plan with daily homework for each of the dogs in the company, ensuring the dogs have adequate exercise, enrichment, grooming, and all around care. She is in charge of making sure all the dogs are up to date on necessary vaccinations, and she makes sure all areas of their health are in top shape, including maintaining a clean and relaxing kennel environment for the dogs. Amy also makes sure all the handlers have the training supplies they need to maintain the dogs’ training and to help the dogs make it through their routes effectively. And she joins several handlers each week to ensure that the dogs are progressing and the handlers are comfortable, confident, and consistent with their handling. Outside of work, Amy is a wife and mother of two children. She has a very strong support system in her family, who helps allow her to pursue her passion of dog training. Amy also has previously performed in numerous community theater shows with companies such as M&M in Merrillville, IN, as well as performing with the Northwest Indiana Symphony Chorus and Valparaiso University Symphony Chorus. Her love for music has transferred into our kennel environment where we now play classical music, which as been scientifically proven to calm dogs. Amy looks forward to many years with “The Chase”, and future obedience classes for outside clients at our facility.

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