Big Paw Prints to Fill! Introducing Nyxi, our newest K9 In Training!

Sep 8, 2022

K9 In Training

Bree at her favorite client spot, the airport,
where she helps keep birds away
from the planes.

A partnership with a working dog is one of the most special bonds a person can experience, so when one of our working wildlife canines nears retirement, the moment is bittersweet. Bree, a 12-year-old purebred border collie, is our oldest and most experienced wildlife management dog. She has been on patrol for 11 years, not only hazing birds at airports and golf courses, but also in sensitive botanic gardens and schools.

She has helped keep wild birds away from an oil spill, helped maintain water quality at beaches, performed countless demonstrations of her job, and served as an ambassador of our program at dozens of trade shows, research conferences, and educational programs. She even helps educate Scout troops about working dogs and how kids should interact with dogs.

The Search for a Worthy Successor to Our Most Experienced Canine Team Member

Bree’s career has been nothing short of exemplary, but as her fur began to gray and old age began to affect her hearing and agility, it was time to start thinking about her retirement – and her successor.

Bree’s handler is Vanessa Williams, one of our staff biologists and dog trainers. Knowing that her next working partner would need to be very special to take over for such an amazing dog, Williams invested months into her search.

Research into breeders led her to a litter near Cincinnati that seemed to have all the right stuff: health testing, responsible breeding practices, a sire who is a champion herding dog, a dam with many titles and a fantastic temperament, and thorough puppy socialization and rearing procedures. And for the cherry on top, the puppy is related to Bree! They are first cousins twice removed. Vanessa followed the litter from birth all through their early life with the breeder, and then with the help of that breeder and another trainer, a puppy was chosen to be her next partner.

The beautiful litter of border collies

Our Newest Canine Team Member Has Some Big Paw Prints to Fill

Now named Nyxi, the little black and white beauty was a confident and happy puppy from the time she opened her eyes. She loves kids, toys, treats, and exploring the world! Nyxi’s future with Vanessa and Wild Goose Chase is very bright.

You have some big paw prints to fill, Nyxi, and we cannot wait to see you grow with us and learn your new job and life from the very best! Bree will be showing Nyxi the ropes this year, and then on her 13th birthday, she will retire and be adopted by Vanessa. A good working dog can never be replaced, but they CAN help us train the next generation of gooser and still get to come along for the chase! Welcome to the team Nyxi!

Learn What Our Team Can Do for Your Bird Conflicts

At Wild Goose Chase, our team of bird conflict experts –  both two and four-legged members – is committed to helping solve your bird conflicts, whether you are struggling to keep your property clean and healthy or trying to protect your crops from the ravages of hungry and aggressive birds and bird-carried disease.

In addition to the work of our canine team, our solutions include a wide array of bird deterrent devices and strategies. Our work is customized by the season, the species and the specific needs of our clients. It’s also biology based, safe, effective and humane.

Give us a call to learn more about our services or to arrange for an assessment of your bird challenges.

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Little Nyxi adores and idolizes Bree! Photo by Allison Bilinski

Nyxi has some big paws, and goggles, to fill! Photo by Allison Bilinski

Nyxi is jumping for joy at her new job! Photo by Allison Bilinski