IDNR Makes Rule Change for Goose Egg Depredation Permits

Jan 4, 2019

The IDNR has made a change to their requirement to have a permit for each individual property in order to perform goose egg depredation services. This change was made in the summer of 2017 and will affect the Spring 2018 Goose Nesting Season and affects all properties where goose nesting may occur because a property manager or property owner will no longer have to obtain a permit in order to have Goose Egg Depredation services performed on their site. This translates to less paperwork, administrative time, and may speed up the time it takes to receive our services.

Keep in mind… the following has not changed:

  • 1. Each property must have a service contract in place if the property is hiring a contractor to complete egg depredation services
  • 2. Egg Depredation services must be performed in Illinois by those holding a Nuisance Wildlife License from the IDNR (we have 12 licensed technicians on staff)
  • 3. All Egg Depredation activities and results must be tracked and reported to the IDNR by the deadline (we manage this data for our clients)