More Than Just Geese: How Wild Goose Chase Became Experts in Bird Management

Jan 26, 2021

While people are often surprised to hear of geese-chasing dogs as a form of bird management, we’re not the only providers of this service. But despite our name, and the attention-grabbing nature of our canine helpers, our services go far beyond just chasing geese! We are experts in managing many species of birds for nuisance issues, conservation, and beneficial impacts.

Goose-chasing Dog

Flash, one of our first goose chasing dogs!

Wild Goose Chase has been managing birds since 1998. We started with just one border collie and a plan by our founder to help her landscaping clients with their geese issues. Since then, we have grown to manage or help dozens of bird species. How did our services evolve from just chasing geese to efforts like preventing window collisions and stopping birds from decimating a fish hatchery or a sweet corn farm? There were a number of factors:

  • Legality. Native birds are protected, even the nuisance ones, and in order to safely and effectively chase geese, we needed to learn about their protection in order to make sure we were doing everything correctly and by the book. Training for this involves learning about permitting and protective regulations for other species as well.
  • Demand. It didn’t take long for clients to ask if we could handle other bird issues. It seemed a natural leap that the goose management company might be able to handle the gull problem too, and we stepped up to that challenge!
  • The Right People. Wild Goose Chase prides itself on having an elite staff with the skills, education, and experience to keep us at the top of our field. We have biologists who specialize in birds, wildlife experts, an animal behaviorist, dog trainers, and construction experts to make sure our team is well rounded enough to provide the best in bird management!
  • Research. Science and our understanding of and connection to the natural world is the basis of Wild Goose Chase’s methods. Our experts keep up with the latest scientific studies and research into ways that birds impact human society – for better and for worse. We also conduct research of our own, participate in case studies, and work with scientists from other organizations like the United States Geological Survey. Understanding the behavior and biology of the birds we deal with maximizes our ability to manage them. Before we ever offer a service or piece of equipment to our clients, we thoroughly research and test it to make sure it is safe, humane, effective, and cost efficient.
  • Innovation and Customization. WGC has always been at the forefront of testing and utilizing new technologies and equipment for bird management. We continually seek out new, safe and humane ways of serving our clients’ bird needs and our team is uniquely qualified for customizing such innovations for the most effective use in many environments.

Autonomic Bird Laser

Wild Goose Chase has pioneered the use of the Avix Autonomic Bird Laser!

  • Adaptability. Like the birds we manage, Wild Goose Chase adapts to changing circumstances. Our methods and processes have to work within the changing needs of society, the economy, the birds, and the environment. We are always tweaking our methods to make sure we are as effective and efficient as possible. We monitor how birds in our area are adapting to new situations and environments and adapt with them!
  • Relationships. We work hard to develop good relationships with everyone we work with: clients and vendors to be sure, but also wildlife rehab facilities, other experts in birds and bird management, local governmental bodies like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of Natural Resources. We also work closely with conservation non-profits like the Audubon Society and research organizations like the Great Lakes Beach Association. Nobody exists in a bubble. It is important that we all work together in a way that benefits everyone.
  • An Integrated Management Plan. One of the principal reasons Wild Goose Chase has become a leading expert nationwide in managing birds is our ability to develop and implement integrated management plans that combine the knowledge and experience of our team, decades of research, and customized innovations and technology to create the most effective solutions possible. We were one of the very first companies to develop and utilize integrated management plans and adapt them to different properties, industries, environments, bird species, and client needs.

Wild Goose Chase continues to grow and adapt. We are always looking for new ways to help our clients with any bird related issue. Have a question for our experts? Looking for a solution to a bird related concern? Contact us today!

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