Fall Migration Brings Property Manager Frustration

Aug 17, 2016
Fall Migration Brings Property Manager Frustration

Beginning in September through as late as November, nearly 5 million Canada Geese migrate from Canada to warmer climates in the southern United States.

Covering the full length of the migration path can take several weeks. During this time Canada Geese relocate in flocks of a dozen to thousands to a broad range of habitats. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Prairies and grasslands
  • Ponds and lakes
  • Meadows
  • Golf courses
  • City parks

In general, the preferred staging or resting areas along the migration path have open water, ample amounts of food (i.e., grass), and no known predators.

And while the amount of time spent spent at these habitats varies flocks have been known to relocate to areas permanently due to reliable sources of food and water. The sudden, large influx of Canada Geese can wreak havoc on properties.

Wild Goose Chase has developed an harassment program customized for each client to best address their needs.

Hazing or harassment simply means scaring Canada Geese away from your property, and works best before they become attached to the area.

In order to achieve this WGC actively and regularly combines different harassment methods and techniques to ensure that Canada Geese continue to feel threatened.

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