Effective Strategies for Keeping Hungry Birds Away from Fisheries

Apr 19, 2022
Birds & Fisheries

If it can be grown, people grow it: crops, orchards, livestock, and even fish. And the things that people grow do not go unnoticed by hungry birds.

Whether for sport or for food, fisheries and aquaculture are no exception. In fact, fish-eating birds like herons and cormorants can devastate fish rearing ponds, eating up to 95% of young fish in a short period of time.

While it is impossible not to appreciate the beauty of an egret or a bald eagle diving in for a meal, having an entire rearing pond decimated in as little as a week can be catastrophic for fisheries and aquaculture producers. Protecting ponds against such bird feasts, however, must be done effectively, humanely and in compliance with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

While netting works to keep birds away, it is often not feasible or cost-effective for larger ponds or large operations with many ponds. Grid systems can work for some larger ponds, but are tricky to install, require a lot of maintenance, can interfere with pond maintenance, and risk entanglement for the birds. They are also not effective for the largest ponds.

But aquaculture businesses don’t have to just accept the cost of running an all-you-can-eat buffet for birds. Lasers are an effective option.

Autonomic Laser Protection For Fisheries: Safe, Effective And Humane

Even for small operations, autonomic laser systems can provide 24/7 protection for ponds. The random programming prevents the birds from getting acclimated and the green laser is effective for startling and hazing all bird species. Lasers provide effective, humane and low maintenance protection over a wide area – and often pay for themselves in the first year. Peter Fritsch from Rushing Waters shares his experience with the Agrilaser:

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