A Guide to Goose & Gull Egg Removal Permits in Illinois

Jan 24, 2023
Geese on ledge

For those of us in the still-frozen Midwest, spring may seem far away. But warmer temperatures – and new generations of baby birds – will be here before you know it: goose breeding season starts in February and extends through April and gull breeding season stretches from March to July.

Effective bird control can – and often should – start well before eggs hatch. By proactively managing nests and depredating eggs, you can head off a vicious cycle of breeding, nesting and aggression.

With breeding season around the corner, you may have questions about how to obtain or renew egg removal permits. Here is a quick look at how permitting is handled in Illinois.

How to Get a Goose Egg Removal Permit in Illinois

The state of Illinois requires any individual conducting goose egg removal to obtain a permit before work begins.

However, in 2018, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) relaxed their permitting regulations for properties.  Per the updated regulations, properties in the state no longer need to obtain a permit if the work is conducted by a licensed contractor, such as Wild Goose Chase.

Our team members who handle goose nests are individually licensed and permitted to perform goose egg depredation on behalf of properties. Each has passed a rigorous IDNR exam and completed extensive in-person training. At the end of each year, our team reports all activity completed on clients’ properties to the IDNR, in accordance with their requirements.

How to Get a Gull Egg Removal Permit in Illinois

The permitting process for gull egg removal in Illinois is more complicated and requires approval at both state and federal levels.

To obtain a federal permit for gull egg removal, the property must submit an extensive application with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  It requires applicants to provide in-depth information including:

  • A comprehensive overview of the situation
  • The size of the property
  • The duration of the problem
  • The damage incurred
  • The steps that have already been taken to prevent gull nesting

If the USDA does determine a need for egg removal, the application is passed on to the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, who will issue a final permit. Once the federal permit is received, the property must then obtain a state permit through the IDNR.

The Wild Goose Chase team has extensive experience coordinating with all three agencies and can complete the end-to-end permitting process on your behalf. If you need to manage gulls on your property , please contact us as soon as possible so we may begin the application process.

Wild Goose Chase Takes the Pain Out of Permitting

For both goose and gull egg removal permits and renewals, all Wild Goose Chase needs is your signature and some basic information about your property. We handle everything else.

As soon as permits are issued, our work will commence. Once our services are complete, we will fill out and file all necessary reports with state and federal agencies.

Your Partner for Goose & Gull Nest Management

With decades of safe, effective and humane bird control experience, Wild Goose Chase has helped countless clients manage nuisance birds. We have extensive experience controlling the most common birds with a range of services – from nest management to laser control. For more information about our solutions, reach out to our biologist-led team of experts.

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