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Thankful for Birds: Why We’re Grateful to Co-Exist with Birds

November 22, 2022
Wild birds can be a nuisance and a risk to human health and safety. They create added maintenance costs, damage structures, and leave a mess for property and business owners. In fact, nuisance issues comprise the majority of our work. But without birds, humans would lose a valuable part of... Read More

Canine Employees Work Like Dogs and Love Doing It

November 8, 2022
It’s no secret that dogs love having a job to do. There’s something special about a dog partnering with people to do a job well. Our border collies provide a natural and humane solution to the mess and aggression that can result from wild bird conflicts. And have a great... Read More

Managing Conflicts with North American Vultures

October 11, 2022
There are 22 different bird species classified as vultures. Generally, the vultures are divided into two categories, Old World and New World. Old World vultures include species like the Egyptian vulture and the common griffon vulture; New World vultures include species like the turkey vulture and the black vulture. As... Read More

How Does Weather Affect Bird Migration?

September 20, 2022
Birds are incredibly tough and versatile creatures. Their ability to fly thousands of miles in a few short weeks is nothing less than incredible. The flight paths and migration patterns of birds not only impact the ecosystems of the environments they inhabit, but it also impacts their interaction within urban... Read More

Window Collisions: Why Fall is the Worst Time for Birds

September 8, 2022
A Swainson’s thrush lies amid fall leaves after a window collision. Window collisions are a leading cause of bird deaths with an estimated one BILLION birds dying every year. The majority of these deaths occur in the fall, during the annual migration south to wintering grounds. What makes windows so... Read More

How Wildfires Impact Birds & Bird Habitat

August 23, 2022
It’s no secret that wildfires are becoming more severe in the United States. While most fires occur in the western half of the U.S., our service area is still affected. These fires can cover huge expanses of habitat, taking down trees and grasses and killing insects and other animals. How... Read More

Effective Bird Deterrence Strategies for Viticulture

August 9, 2022
Dealing with pests is an ongoing challenge when it comes to managing a vineyard. From planting through harvesting, your hard work is at risk of becoming some other creature’s buffet. Birds are among the most voracious of pests, especially during the onset of ripening, known in the industry as the... Read More