Goose Control & Removal Dogs: Penny

Penny is an ABCA registered tricolor border collie who may look a little familiar to some, because she is the full-blooded younger sibling of Wild Goose Chase veterans Sully and Stitch! A valentine’s puppy, she was born February 13 2020 and spent those early COVID months perfecting the art of the “chase” with her handler Shayna Taylor.

Penny is very talkative and lives for the game of tug and, of course, goose chasing. She is an amazing demo dog and keeps all our older and more seasoned dogs on their toes with her everlasting energy. Her favorite pastime when not working is keeping an eye on her handler’s foster kitties.

Penny can be seen working on our west, south, and central routes most of the time, but can occasionally be seen on our more northern routes.