Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes along ledge
and on top of security camera

Bird spikes are used to prevent birds from perching along ledges, edges, parapet walls, on top of light fixtures, window sills, etc. Knowing which species of bird is causing your issue and why they are occupying that area is very important when utilizing bird spikes.

Bird spikes are typically used when gulls, pigeons, turkey vultures, or other larger bird is perching or nesting. Different birds require different methods.

The spikes provide a barrier between the building and the ledge making the birds uncomfortable and causing them to move to another location.

Benefits of Bird Spikes

Utilizing bird spikes offers a variety of benefits. Bird spikes are:

  1. Made of light weight stainless steel which will not rust
  2. Attached using commercial grade adhesive which will not damage your structure
  3. Not easily noticeable as they become a part of the building’s background
  4. A humane way to deal with unwanted birds

Bird Spikes along roof parapet ledge