The Benefits of Using a Specialized Company for Your Bird Issues

Jul 25, 2023
Integrated approach for rooftop bird deterrence

There are a lot of pest and wildlife control companies out there, and many offer some bird services. But working with a team focused only on bird solutions has many advantages.

Here are just a few of the benefits of partnering with a company like Migratory Bird Management, where our biologist-led team has decades of experience solving bird conflicts in a wide variety of settings.

Advantages of Using a Specialist to Manage Your Bird Conflicts

1. Expertise: We understand bird biology, behaviors, and seasonal patterns. Our staff biologists are bird experts. Our structural experts specialize in bird deterrents. We use our knowledge and experience to determine the underlying reasons for bird issues and that allows us to provide solutions that are both targeted and efficient.

2. Experience: With 25 years of solving only bird issues, our experience encompasses a variety of species, settings and challenges. We know our solutions inside and out and stay current with the latest innovations and research. This enables us to customize our solutions and identify the most effective products and services for your bird problems.

3. Specialization: We won’t try to offer you services for rats or raccoons. We may be able to recommend someone if requested, but we stick to birds. You can rest assured that when we come to your property to look at bird issues, we’re there to solve bird issues.

4. Knowledge: Generalized wildlife and pest control companies may only know how to deal with common bird issues or species that aren’t protected. We manage them all: Sparrows, starlings, swallows, geese, gulls, turkey vultures, turkeys, blackbirds, cranes, and any other type of bird out there.

5. Flexibility: We have experience solving bird issues for many types of industries: airports, agricultural, medical, industrial, commercial and office buildings, residential, recreational, and more! We understand all of the specific intricacies of working in each environment and the specific conflicts birds can cause in specific industries. We have even pioneered new techniques for some industries!

6. Conscientiousness: All birds native to North America are protected by the international Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. In order to safely and legally manage birds, it’s important to be able to identify them and know their level of protection and the permits needed. We have excellent relationships with the DNR and USFW to be able to assist you in applying for and receiving the necessary legal documentation for working with protected species.

Bird Control Services from Bird Control Experts

When you partner with Migratory Bird Management to manage your bird conflicts, you have the benefit of deep experience and expertise. We are committed to helping our customers resolve their bird conflicts safely, humanely and cost effectively.

To learn more about our array of solutions including dog service, laser bird deterrence, nest management and more, contact a member of our team or call us to schedule a site assessment.

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