Office Building Bird Control Service

Pest birds alone cause $30-50 million in damages to properties, assets, roofs, drainage, and ventilation systems in the U.S. annually. Much of the damage caused to office properties are the result of pest birds such as gulls, pigeons, sparrows, starlings, turkey vultures, and Canada geese.

Problem Areas

Office properties, especially in more suburban environments (e.g., office parks), generally have a lot of open space for landscaping, commuter parking, as well as a standalone building or facility. Recent pest bird issues we’ve helped office property customers address include:

  • Aggressive, nesting geese near building entryway and/or on parking lot islands
  • Bird droppings damaging employee cars
  • Nesting material clogging rooftop drainage/ gutter systems
  • Pest birds entering buildings through small openings
Small suburban office building


Damages can be mitigated and costs minimized with adequate problem identification and the correct application of pest bird control solutions.

Exclusion &
Deterrent Systems

Exclusion & Deterrent Systems

Nest Management

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Laser Bird Control
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Egg Depredation

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