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Scientists Researching Mysterious Bird Disease Killing Young Songbirds

July 22, 2021
Songbirds dying across 11 states as researchers work to uncover the cause Earlier this spring, a mysterious illness killing young songbirds began spreading across several mid-Atlantic states. Today as many as 11 states are affected, including Indiana, but researchers still don’t know what is causing the deaths. Here is what... Read More

10 Ways to Help Your Dog Through Fireworks Season

June 30, 2021
Fireworks are beautiful and awe-inspiring for humans to see. They symbolize freedom and summer and celebrations to us. However, fireworks are damaging to the environment, dangerous for wildlife, and they terrify many of our pets and veterans. The summer holiday season, especially July 4th, can be a traumatic incident for... Read More

Birds in the City: What to Do About Birds in Urban Areas

June 17, 2021
It’s not hard to see a dinosaur in this young Canada goose! Did you know that dinosaurs never went extinct? That’s right, we still have dinosaurs today! The first bird, archaeopteryx, evolved over 150 million years ago from dinosaurs closely related to the infamous velociraptor. Raptors looked very different than... Read More

How to Manage the Mess of Gosling and Molt Season

June 10, 2021
Family of geese. June is a busy month for geese. With nesting nearly finished, the birds will search for their summer homes and a safe environment for molting, as well as raising their young. All geese molt their flight feathers in the summer. This allows them to have a full,... Read More

Problems with Protected Birds: Managing Red-Winged Blackbird Conflicts

May 27, 2021
The red-winged blackbird is well known for both its characteristic song and its aggressive nature. These little spitfires will attack anything that comes close to their nests, regardless of size or danger. The name says it all in identifying the males of this species: jet black with bright, almost fluorescent... Read More

Preparing for Employee Return: Manage the Birds Nesting on Your Property

May 13, 2021
This roof is covered in goose droppings! With workers beginning to return to the office, commercial and industrial buildings that stood mostly empty throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses may find themselves sharing an address with a population of feathered squatters. Birds who made themselves at home over the past 14... Read More

Bird Window Attacks: Why Do They Happen?

April 27, 2021
Spring migration is the high season for birds crashing into windows. Deaths number in the hundreds of millions every year. While many of these crashes are the result of birds’ inability to recognize the glass barrier, some are deliberate attacks, with birds striking over and over, sometimes for hours at... Read More

Lasers for Bird Management: New Study Shows 98% Effectiveness

April 7, 2021
Handheld and autonomic lasers have long been popular methods of bird management; a new study from Wageningen University shows just how effective they are. Waterfowl and other pest birds can threaten crops, endanger livestock with diseases such as avian flu, and cause damage to facilities. Lasers have long been used... Read More

The 5 Risk Factors of Bird Window Collisions

April 6, 2021
The second leading cause of death for birds in the United States is window collisions, with an estimated one billion birds dying every year. Birds can’t see glass and don’t recognize the structural clues that distinguish windows from open air. While houses account for nearly half of all collisions, large... Read More