The Best Bird Control Products for Migration Season

Dec 16, 2020

The Mississippi flyway is a major migration path that follows the Mississippi River. Millions of migrating birds, around 325 species and 40% of US populations, use this route to migrate between wintering grounds in the northern US and Canada, and breeding grounds in the southern states, and Central and South America.

Which Bird Control Products Work Best During the Bird Migration Season?

This major flyway runs right through the country’s “bread basket,” an area covered by fertile agricultural landscapes which draw birds in to stop to forage or rest during their migration. This heavily impacts farms during their harvesting and planting seasons. Since all native migratory birds are protected, management methods for farms are heavily regulated and often complicated.

Choosing the Right Bird Control Methods

The most efficient and cost effective way for farmers to solve this problem is to prepare a management plan in advance of migration season when birds arrive. Wildlife professionals like Wild Goose Chase, Inc. can help develop an integrated and site specific program on bird control methods as well as providing advice on how to implement them for greatest effect. Getting ahead of the birds is extremely important as once they have become established and learned that the property is excellent habitat, it is harder to repel them.

Each bird control product has different applications benefits.


Netting is a traditional bird control method. It is expensive and time-consuming but quite effective at excluding birds from fruit trees, barn rafters, and more. Netting has to be taken down every harvest season. Because installation and removal are time consuming, netting is best suited to smaller fruit farms and orchards.

Bird scarers

Scare devices such as cannons are some of the most common tools used by growers, but because birds adapt readily to noise devices, they are often not an effective long term solution. With proper timing, they can be a successful part of an integrated management plan that includes other tools.

Visual bird deterrents

Visual bird control methods such as scarecrows and fake predators can be successful in getting rid of birds, but just like noise scare devices, birds learn quickly that they aren’t a threat. Visual deterrents also often have a very short range. When moved frequently and paired with trained canine harassment, visual scare devices can help improve an overall management plan.

Laser bird repellents

Bird lasers are an innovative and cost-effective bird control method. Whether automated or hand held, bird repellent lasers manufactured by Bird Control Group in the Netherlands have proven to be effective in repelling birds of all species from farms all around the world. Automated lasers emits a moving beam of green light 24/7 that spooks birds as it crosses their path without causing any physical harm to the birds. Even though the laser pattern runs constantly, it is endlessly programmable to appear random so that birds do not readily become habituated as they do to other deterrents. With a wide effective projection range, a humane design that accommodates protected species, and minimal time investment by the farmer, the automated laser provides an effective solution for many applications including fruit growers, sweet corn, aquaculture and fisheries, nut growers, grain farms, and more. Most farms experience a return on their investment within a single year.

Which Bird Control Products Work Best During the Bird Migration Season?

Fall migration is coming to a close, but spring migration is just around the corner. Wildlife Damage Assessments and Management Plans are an important part of preparing for the growing season. Schedule yours today!

About Bird Control Group: Bird Control Group is a laser bird deterrent company that helps solve conflicts between birds and human activities in a sustainable, innovative and safe manner, with manual and automated laser deterrents that provide a cost-effective solution for agriculture, business, real estate, recreation sites and more.

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