Keep Golf Courses & Parks Clean with Laser Bird Control

Sep 26, 2023

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Autumn is a time of crisp air, sunny days, and migrating birds. Endless “V’s” of Canada geese glide overhead, then descend like an invading army on any patch of green they can find – including golf courses and parks.

The Mess Left Behind by Geese

When geese invade, they trample grass, devour crabapples, seeds, and other vegetation, and leave an abundance of green, nasty droppings in their wake.

With digestive systems like factory conveyer belts, geese feed almost constantly and defecate every 8 minutes. It doesn’t take long for even a small flock of geese to turn a pristine golf course or park into a nightmare of slimy landmines. In the fall, when flocks can number in the hundreds, or even thousands, the mess adds up.

Ways to Keep Grass Clean & Goose-Free

There are a lot of gadgets and gizmos on the market that claim to help keep geese away from green spaces. And, while some of these do effectively ward off geese, others have less-than-stellar track records.

If geese have overtaken your park or golf course, you don’t have time to experiment with solutions that may or may not work. To evict geese quickly and continuously, you need a proven-effective deterrent strategy.

One such reliable strategy comes in the form of high-powered bird abatement laser systems. Laser systems – available in both autonomic and handheld models – are a proven-effective form of deterrent technology that keep every type of recreational turf space free from geese.

Handheld Laser Systems

The handheld Agrilaser 500 is a humane, human operated laser that does an exceptional job of repelling geese and other birds. The laser has a range of up to 2500 meters and is powerful enough to use during the day. Birds perceive the beam as a threat and will fly away to escape it. When the laser is used consistently, birds will avoid the targeted area altogether.

An economical and effective tool for any park district or recreational facility’s maintenance toolkit, the Agrilaser is especially popular at golf courses and botanical gardens, where trained staff can easily and safely move nuisance geese during the course of their regular duties.

Automatic Laser Systems

Like handheld lasers, automatic laser systems use beams to remove birds from a controlled area.

The AVIX Mark II autonomic laser is a fantastic, cost-effective option for lower traffic areas that need to remain pristine with less human intervention. Perfect for protecting new sod or seed, or athletic fields in between sporting events, the AVIX provides 24/7 relief from invading goose armies through programmed and random laser patterns that run continuously.

Used properly, these laser systems can eliminate up to 90% of bird nuisances.

Your Partner in Canada Goose Control

Whether you manage a golf course or outdoor recreational facility, or work for a park district, laser systems are a safe, humane, and effective bird management tool that will keep your greens free from Canada geese.

Migratory Bird Management has extensive experience using handheld and automatic laser systems to deter geese and other birds. Our team of experts can train you on proper handheld laser use and set up and provide maintenance services for automatic laser systems, making them the ultimate stress-free bird management tools.

For more information about the bird control solutions we provide, or to set up a site evaluation, send us an email or give us a call.

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