Four-Legged Employees Work Like Dogs and Love Doing It

Nov 8, 2022
Canine Employees

It’s no secret that dogs love having a job to do.

There’s something special about a dog partnering with people to do a job well. Our border collies provide a natural and humane solution to the mess and aggression that can result from wild bird conflicts. And have a great time doing it.

Their work has benefits that go beyond eliminating a source of health and safety risks for our clients; it’s good for the birds as well. A humane and effective solution can keep birds safe from misguided efforts by frustrated humans.

Four-Legged Career Paths in Environmental Management

Bird management isn’t the only job that dogs do to help humans with the natural world. Here are five other nature-based jobs for dogs.

  • Conservation Scent Detection. These dogs use their incredible noses to help with conservation work, sniffing out endangered species to preserve habitat and protect nesting sites. Conservation dogs have been used to locate endangered bees, whales, sea turtle nests, and more. They can also find dangerous invasive species, helping their human partners limit their spread and protect native habitats.
  • Bear Deterrent. Karelian Bear Dogs are used around the world to scare bears into avoiding human habitation. This protects people from bears – and vice-versa. Bears that are too keen on human trash and food are frequently killed, an outcome that working KBDs can prevent.
  • Wildlife Protection. Wildlife protection K9s help protect endangered species from poachers. They patrol habitats, alert authorities to poacher activity and help apprehend suspects. They can also be used to prevent trafficking in endangered wildlife contraband, such as ivory or pangolins, by sniffing it out in airport baggage.
  • Seed Dispersal. In the aftermath of big forest fires, dogs wearing open seed packs can be sent to run around, letting seeds fall out of their pouches into the fertile post-fire soil.
  • National Park Wildlife Patrol. These Bark Rangers help keep potentially dangerous wildlife, primarily mountain goats, deer, bison, and other large herbivores, away from the human utility areas of national parks. Large herbivores can be quite dangerous, especially during the breeding season or when they have young. In addition to injuries to park visitors, they can also damage vehicles, so training them to stick to the more natural areas of the parks creates a safer environment for all.

Let Our Dogs Show You What They Can Do to Help With Your Bird Conflicts

The range of ways that dogs can use their natural abilities and intelligence on the job is a tremendous benefit to both the human and natural world.

And of course, we wouldn’t want to leave out the impressive work of our own four-legged employees whose contribution to our efforts enables us to provide the most effective, humane and innovative array of bird conflict solutions you will find anywhere.

To learn more about our solutions for your bird conflicts reach out to the Migratory Bird Management team today.

Nyxi, our newest recruit.

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