As People Move Out, Birds Move In: Preventing Bird Problems During COVID-19

Mar 24, 2020

Birds don’t know about COVID-19. We may be sheltering indoors, but the birds are running amok outside. Left unattended, bird populations will grow exponentially.

Just last week, a wild turkey was sighted walking down the sidewalk at a shopping center in Oak Brook.

Preventing Bird Problems During COVID-19

Your business may seem quiet with so many employees working from home, but don’t be surprised to find that “shelter in place” is interpreted by all birds as “shelter at your place.” They are likely to find your property doubly appealing under the circumstances: no people, no predators and plenty of places to roost. What will happen when your employees return?

Massive Bird Flocks Amid Spreading Respiratory Disease

While our attention is focused on COVID-19, the virus isn’t the only thing moving from city to city. The National Weather Service radar recently picked up a massive flock of migrating birds and the radius of the flock measured out at least 90 miles from the center, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

It is important to stay vigilant when it comes to birds nesting near your business. Diseases can be spread through bird waste and this is also a threat to public health. The potentially fatal respiratory disease histoplasmosis can be transmitted by a fungus found in bird waste.

On average, 5 Canada Goose eggs will hatch for every nest on your property where egg depredation is not performed. Because of high nesting success and low first year mortality rates, a single pair of Canada geese left unchecked can generate a flock of more than 50 individual geese in as little as 7 years – see below:

Don't Let Your Business Go to the Birds While You Focus on COVID-19

Deal With Bird Problems Now to Avoid An Unpleasant Surprise After Quarantine

When the problem is managed early, before birds nest or at least before eggs begin hatching, you can easily resolve the conflicts that nesting geese create.

As bird problems grow, so does the cost of mitigating it. Large quantities of bird waste can require professional removal to prevent the possibility of disease transmission.

We Are Still Open to Manage Pest Birds

The good news is that bird control can be done safely during these times of quarantine and social distancing. As a licensed pest control contractor with IDPH, our work is considered “essential to public health & safety” and allowed to continue during “Shelter in Place.” Our NAICS Code (#561710 – Pest Control) means we can still work safely while having little to no contact with coworkers and clients in the field. Our bird control experts have the equipment and expertise to handle your bird-related problems while wearing respirators and other protective equipment following protocols for your protection against the coronavirus pandemic.

For geese removal, one specialist wearing protective equipment with one trained dog is enough to chase nuisance birds off your property in a humane way in addition to performing egg depredation and nest management.

Less People Around Means Perfect Nesting Options for Birds

Birds are looking for food, water, and a safe place to build a nest. With fewer people around, nuisance birds are likely to find your property particularly inviting.

At Wild Goose Chase, we specialize in the safe and humane management of bird conflicts and have the resources to respond quickly and efficiently. Our biologists are experts at evaluating sites and their history to identify problems and resolve them quickly and cost-effectively.

Conquer your bird troubles before they pose a threat to the safety and health of your workers. Contact us today to learn more or to arrange a site evaluation.

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