Rooftops: An Attractive Stopping Point for Migrating Geese

Sep 3, 2020

Autumn skies can be a beautiful sight, with flocks of migrating geese silhouetted above a golden blaze of changing leaves.

Less scenic however, is the mess these flocks can leave behind when they stop to rest along the way.

Unfortunately for many property owners, rooftops present an attractive place for geese to sleep and congregate along their journey.

An Attractive Stopping Point for Migrating Geese

Rooftops provide plenty of flat and open space with a good view of potential predators and the surrounding habitat. Roofs also offer security since most of a flock’s predators are ground based. These same factors make rooftops appealing to nesting geese as well. It’s a cozy setup that does not go unnoticed in the wider population and growing numbers of geese have begun to recognize rooftops as a safe haven. Geese are smart and incredibly adaptable, so it’s no surprise that a once rare occurrence has become a common problem.

An Attractive Stopping Point for Migrating Geese
An Attractive Stopping Point for Migrating Geese
An Attractive Stopping Point for Migrating Geese

This roof hatch is covered in droppings, making for a gross and slippery entrance for maintenance workers.

Don’t Let Your Rooftop Become a Stopover on the Goose Migration Path

Even when they eventually move on, geese create big problems on rooftops. Geese poop about every eight minutes and an adult can leave behind up to two pounds of waste a day. It adds up. And if you’ve got a large flock congregating on your roof, you’re in for a giant mess. Droppings can clog roof drains, damage roof materials, get sucked into the HVAC system, and create an unsightly and potentially disease-ridden mess that requires regular – and careful – cleaning. Geese can also be aggressive, threatening roof maintenance workers and others, especially in the spring.

An Attractive Stopping Point for Migrating Geese

WGC K9 Rudy helps deter birds from a roof in Chicago.

Unfortunately, owl or coyote decoys and noisemakers don’t work for very long, but cost-effective professional help is available.

Wild Goose Chase has been managing nuisance geese for over 20 years with a variety of effective and biologist-led strategies for safe and humane goose deterrence and removal. From the pioneering of new technologies like laser deterrence to our dog service, grid systems and more, we have the experience and expertise to end your goose conflicts and get your rooftop off the travel guide of migrating Canada geese flocks.

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