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Why Geese Flocks Grow During Migration Season: The Decoy Effect

October 27, 2021
Geese are highly social birds, especially during migration. They depend on each other to keep an eye out for predators and to let each other know when danger has been spotted. This behavior is something that hunters have been exploiting for centuries by placing decoys in the hunting zone to... Read More

Another Wild Goose Chase Indy & Indianapolis-based Animal Control Partner to Offer Indiana Property Managers & Owners Year-Round Bird and Animal Conflict Solutions

September 21, 2021
When it comes to managing bird and other wild animal conflicts, we’ve got you covered Indiana. Under a new partnership with Indianapolis-based Rusty’s Animal Control (RAC),  Another Wild Goose Chase Indy LLC, can now offer comprehensive wildlife conflict-management across all bird species and pest animals. Commercial and industrial property owners... Read More

Common Questions About Fall Songbird Migration and Window Collisions

September 14, 2021
September 5th, 2021. Death toll at one building. Window collisions are the second leading cause of human-driven bird deaths (behind domestic cats) with up to one billion birds dying from the glass obstacles in their paths every year. While window collisions occur year-round, the majority happen during migration: when birds... Read More

Bird Alleviation Innovations in Agriculture: How to Get the Flock Out

July 27, 2021
Starlings are voracious, consuming the most nutritious parts of livestock feed. After the feast, they perch in the rafters above the cows and their bacteria filled droppings rain down into food, water, and animal pens. For as long as humans have tended crops and raised livestock, birds have taken advantage... Read More

Scientists Investigating the Origins of Mysterious Disease Killing Birds

July 22, 2021
Songbirds dying across 11 states as researchers work to uncover the cause Earlier this spring, a mysterious illness killing young songbirds began spreading across several mid-Atlantic states. Today as many as 11 states are affected, including Indiana, but researchers still don’t know what is causing the deaths. Here is what... Read More