Some of the best architectural treasures are historical buildings. Since these marvels were built, great strides have been taken to preserve these buildings and that includes integrated pest management and preventing birds from becoming a nuisance. The beautiful nooks & crannies and/or broken or crumbling areas of buildings invite pest birds like pigeons, starlings, and sparrows to nest. Droppings ruin the aesthetics and structural integrity of a historic building. Bird waste left undisturbed can damage almost any building material. Wood, stone, steel and iron can all be damaged by bird droppings, which have a pH level similar to vinegar.

Solutions for historical properties depend on the species involved which is critical to a long-term solution. Remediation and preventative maintenance may be more cost-effective long term than costly repairs to historic structures. Netting, custom metal exclusions, shock track, and more can prevent a bird infestation and a building shut down for repairs.

Historic Remediation Example

The lighting in this historical Chicago building provides excellent perching and nesting areas for house sparrows and pigeons. This can create a fire hazard as well as a big mess below! Using Opti-Gel discs, we were able to prevent any further perching on the lights – leaving this building cleaner and safer for visitors.

Pigeons and pigeon droppings were causing damage and unsanitary conditions. We performed cleaning, population reduction, and exclusion to protect the building and visitors.