Bird Control Service Testimonials

We have been virtually goose free since Wild Goose Chase was out here. It’s been pretty remarkable. The golf course right down the road has 60-100 geese out there every day, but I go whole weeks without seeing a single goose. No geese are staying overnight – or at least there is no evidence of them in the morning.

– Golf Course/Country Club

What an unbelievable difference compared to the last few years! Three weeks into the ‘season’ we noticed a huge decline in the bird numbers. Four weeks after that the seagulls were almost non-existent. We were never ‘dive-bombed’ this year. We didn’t have one customer that complained to us about the birds. I didn’t hear one complaint from our employees about the droppings in our parking lot. Nor did they have to go home and wash their cars every day like the last few years. We never thought seagulls could have such an impact on our business. Thank you again for solving this issue for us. Definitely, money well spent!

– Wholesale Florist

Mike and his team are extremely knowledgeable on the bird species and are excellent at explaining their habits and behaviors. He educated me, the building owner, and city officials so that we all had the knowledge we needed as we worked to get the birds and their nests removed from the property. Migratory Bird Management offered a turnkey service, keeping us up to date with their progress throughout the process this Spring and Summer. The team provided pictures and status updates after each visit. Mike even reached out to the City to keep them in the loop on numerous occasions. In 2020 they were able to humanely remove over 2,400 nests and 13,000 eggs from the rooftop of the building. I could not ask for a better group to work with. If you are experiencing issues on your property with bird species, I would highly recommend you reach out to Mike and his team.

– Commercial Property Manager

While geese are a protected species, and our firm is very environmentally conscious, as are many of our tenants, something needed to be done to control the goose population. Not only did they create a very messy situation on the boardwalks and sidewalks surrounding and traversing the courtyard, but we also had several “incidents” with the geese being very aggressive with people walking through the courtyard. MBM was hired to assist with the goose population problem. Within a few short weeks, with the aid of the trained dogs and a remote control boat, the technicians were able to reduce the population to only a few mating pairs. Their repeated visits to the site, both daytime and evenings eventually caused the geese to become annoyed and leave the site. Their methodology of irritating the birds with light, sound, and the dogs, without physically harming the geese allows for a solution that protects the wildlife, eliminated the nuisance situation in a manner that was acceptable to everyone. Thanks so much for your continued performance at our property!

– Real Estate Company Senior Manager

Last summer seagulls were all over our roof. They were very aggressive and diving at residents. My residents couldn’t enjoy their outdoor patios for fear of being attacked. Also, their droppings were all over our building. MBM’s recommendation to install the bird spikes has been very successful in preventing the birds from sitting on our roof. I have received numerous positive comments from my tenants and how happy they are to be able to enjoy their patios. Thanks for the recommendation to install the spikes. I wanted to let you know how successful they have been and how much our residents are enjoying being seagull-free.

– Property Manager