How to Deter Nuisance Birds from Roofs & Roof Assets

May 14, 2024

Rooftop birds

As a property or facility manager, your responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operations of your property and monitor for potential damage or disturbances. One area that requires particularly vigilant monitoring is your property’s roof. Roofs, themselves, are not only susceptible to damage that demands costly repairs – they also frequently house high-value assets, including solar panels and HVAC components.

With spring migration currently underway, it is advisable to continuously check your property’s roof for the presence of birds or signs of nesting. A wide range of nuisance birds – including Canada geese, gulls, starlings, sparrows and pigeons – are attracted to roofs, as they provide open sightlines that allow them to easily spot approaching threats. Birds like to nest in and perch on ledges, soffits, solar panels, and other structures and assets that provide shelter and safety.

The Negative Effects Birds Cause to Roofs

The presence of nuisance birds can directly and negatively impact your property’s or facility’s roof in several ways:

Roof Damage

Birds can damage roof membranes with their claws and by pecking. If their droppings and/or nesting materials are left to accumulate, it can block gutters and clog drains, which can lead to pooling water and water damage. 

Asset Damage 

When droppings and/or nesting materials accumulate near HVAC intake vents, the refuse may interfere with normal equipment operation. When birds nest on or near other assets, such as solar panels, it can decrease equipment efficiency. 

Facility Health Risks

Accumulated droppings and/or nesting materials near intake vents can compromise your facility’s air quality. 

Human Health & Safety Risks

If birds have established residency on your property’s or facility’s roof, employees, contractors and the general public can be at risk of attack from aggressive birds.

Bird Deterrent Strategies for Roofs & Roof Assets

Addressing the challenges posed by nesting or perching birds requires a multifaceted approach. Luckily, a number of innovative solutions may be used to deter birds and protect roofs:

Bird Deterrent Laser

An automated laser can run continuously and cover an entire roof surface area in a matter of minutes to discourage nuisance birds from congregating on the roof or around assets.

Nuisance Bird Exclusion

Exclusion systems physically prevent nuisance birds from gaining access to roofs and other problem areas. Different solutions are appropriate, depending upon the specific nuisance bird species and the characteristics of the built environment.

Ecological Solutions

Nest and egg management may be used to reduce the overall population of nuisance birds. Please note that these services generally require special permitting and must be facilitated by a trained, licensed technician. 

Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance, including cleaning the roof membrane, gutters and roof drains, can help mitigate the impacts of perching and nesting birds.

Your Ally in Property Protection

The Wild Goose Chase Indy team works at the intersection of animal science, environmental science and structural science to help property managers find lasting relief from nuisance bird disturbances. Our science-backed approach helps us devise and implement solutions that ensure properties are protected from damage caused by birds. We have extensive experience implementing solutions that protect roofs, roof assets, occupants and more.

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