Protecting Crops from the Double Whammy of Droughts and Birds

Aug 15, 2023
Drought crops

Over the past months, extreme weather patterns have impacted nearly every corner of the globe – and the Midwest is not immune.

The region as a whole is currently in a drought. Despite early August rains, some areas in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri are still in the midst of an Extreme Drought (D3), according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

The drought itself puts a clear strain on agricultural producers. But, despite the obvious impacts – like reduced production, stunted growth and increased irrigation costs – droughts also leave crops especially vulnerable to losses due to birds.

Why Droughts Exacerbate Crop Loss to Birds

As temperatures rise and precipitation decreases, food sources can become scarce for birds.

Because droughts can wipe out the grasses, flowers, wild berries, and seeds many nuisance birds feed on, they may be forced to seek out alternative sources of sustenance – including growing or ready-to-harvest crops.

That means farmers’ plump berries, juicy corn kernels, leafy greens, and more look even more appealing than usual to hungry, desperate birds.

Ways to Deter Birds from Crops

Luckily, birds can be humanely and successfully deterred from feasting on crops – even when weather conditions make them look especially tempting.

While a number of solutions exist, automatic lasers systems are one of the most effective ways to keep birds away from crops. Lasers are a long-term solution that, when implemented properly, can reduce crop loss by up to 70%.

Automatic laser

While the lasers do not physically harm birds, they perceive their beams as a threat. Those beams sweep fields continuously in random patterns, so birds cannot habituate to and avoid them.

Once lasers are set up and programmed, no further maintenance is required.

Partnering With Wild Goose Chase in Crop Preservation

The Wild Goose Chase Indy team has extensive experience using biology-based and proven-effective methods to keep birds from damaging crops.

If you struggle with crop loss due to birds, contact us to schedule a site evaluation. Our experts will devise a plan tailored to your property and needs.

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