How Drought Affects Birds and Bird Management

Sep 9, 2020

With the Chicago area experiencing what the weather folks call “abnormally dry” conditions, many people’s thoughts turn first to the state of their lawns.

But wildlife of all kinds is affected when drought occurs and extended dry spells can significantly shift the delicate balance of the ecosystem. For birds, drought conditions mean competition for fewer green spaces with available water.

How Drought Affects Birds and Bird Management

Managing Nuisance Birds Populations on the Hunt for Water

When drought strikes, it can exacerbate nuisance birds issues. Sprinklers and irrigated turf provide a lush green respite from the expanding areas of dry and brown landscape. Ponds and fountains are an invitation to parched birds to stop in for a drink. Geese from the surrounding areas abandon dead and crunchy grass for tender blades of freshly-watered grass. Gulls, starlings, and sparrows flock to areas where the watered turf provides a bounty of insect life to eat. Birds congregating at the few maintained areas during a drought can create a big problem for property owners. Out-of-balance bird populations mean lots of droppings and the potential for diseases like salmonella, campylobacter, and more. Diseases like avian botulism also thrive in a drought environment, which can impose additional risks associated with birds dying in larger numbers.

How Drought Affects Birds and Bird Management

A lush green lawn during a drought can draw in geese from all over, leading to a giant mess.

Professional Solutions for Troublesome Bird Conflicts

At Wild Goose Chase, our team of biologist-led bird professionals understands the impact of weather, including drought, on local bird populations. We can design a customized and integrated solution to protect your property from congregating nuisance birds, with safe, effective and cost-effective strategies that include a canine harassment program and a variety of structural deterrents.

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How Drought Affects Birds and Bird Management

Keeping lush green lawns goose free!

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