Why Do-it-Yourself Pigeon Projects are For the Birds

Jul 22, 2020

A well done do-it-yourself project can be a thrilling experience, even beyond the sense of saving a little money.

Some “thrills” however, are best left to the professionals. Pigeon control is one of them.

Pigeons can hatch up to 16 young per year and those chicks have a strong instinct to stay near their birth sites. If not caught early, the property damage and potential liability of pigeon problems can be tremendous, not to mention tremendously expensive.

Why Do-it-Yourself Pigeon Projects are For the Birds

Pigeon proliferation creates a bad image for your company and you may find yourself dealing with complaints, lost business, slip and falls and health hazards that result from growing piles of bird waste. Trying to manage bird conflicts on your own, however, can leave you with bigger problems. Here are a few cautionary examples of where DIY bird control goes wrong.

Oh No! What Happened to Fido?

There are poisons available for certain pest bird species, however the danger posed to other wildlife and household pets is generally a risk not worth taking. Other control methods are far safer, environmentally friendly, and more effective in the long run when applied by professional bird experts. Safe, professional and humane bird control is an investment you won’t regret.

Now What? You’ve Just Netted a Bigger Problem

Successful pigeon control requires fundamental knowledge of bird behavior. All bird species are not the same, and using the wrong deterrent strategy can leave you with a bigger problem. Some strategies, like the use of off the shelf, plastic netting, may actually invite bird infestations, throwing out the welcome mat for other species that use it as a nest-building starter kit. You can also end up trapping birds you meant to repel, leaving you with the difficult and unpleasant task of untangling them from your nets.

The Line Between Pigeon Deterrence and Pigeon Attraction is a Thin One

Just as all bird species are not the same, all bird spikes are not the same. Utilizing the incorrect style of spike for deterring pigeons can lead to greater issues down the road. The wrong style of spike, or even the right style of spike in the wrong location can be a perfect substrate for holding nesting material together. Be careful when you go to remove them or the accumulated waste. Pigeons and pigeon waste transmit more than 40 different diseases including histoplasmosis, tuberculosis and encephalitis.

Effectiveness Depends on the Right Tools and a Lot of Bird Sense

Do-it-yourself bird removal may seem like a straightforward job, but trust us when we tell you, bird deterrent strategies are as complex as birds themselves. That’s why our services are designed and managed by a team of in-house biologists and bird specialists.

Our services are effective, humane and cost far less in time, money and aggravation than a bungled amateur effort, which pigeons can out-smart almost every time. They’re persistent, bold and not intimidated by things like plastic owls or loud noises. If they were, we would not be on a first-name basis with so many Chicago-area property managers, who trust us to get the job done right.

Give us a call and learn more about what reliable, bird-control professionals can do to eliminate your bird conflicts so you can get back to doing your real job.

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