Backyard Birding Contest Brings Out the Colors Close to Home

May 14, 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Global Big Day Backyard Birding Contest on May 9!

The Covid-19 restrictions may have kept us from the parks and trails this year, but our contest participants proved there was still plenty of great birdwatching to be done right in our own yards.


Our participants, whose backyards are found in Illinois, Minnesota and New Jersey, captured a wide array of beautiful and brilliantly colored birds, from orioles to tanagers, to red-headed woodpeckers, to a whole bevy of glossy ibises.

And the Winners are…

In the category of Most Species Seen, winner Erik B. of Cape May County, New Jersey topped the competition with a list that included 43 species, including 25 glossy ibises, 29 barn swallows and an array of other species that included short-tailed dowitchers, laughing gulls and a ruby-throated hummingbird. He also snapped a photo of this mourning dove perched on a tree limb.

Backyard Birding Contest

In the Best Bird Photo category, Dawn T. impressed our judges with her photo of a ruby-throated hummingbird.

Backyard Birding Contest

In the category of Best Feeder Set Up, winner Jamie M. got winning reviews from our judges, as well as from the birds in her backyard who could not resist hitting the buffet repeatedly. From left to right, that’s a red-headed woodpecker, an American goldfinch and a blue Jay enjoying quite the set-up. The birds in her yard are quite spoiled!

Backyard Birding Contest

Second and Third-Place Winner Capture Birds in Pairs

Since none of our participants chose to enter the categories of Best Family Selfie or Most Creative Window Collision Prevention Technique, we added two more prizes to the Best Bird Photo category, including this entry, which we have named 2nd Place Best Bird Photo.

It’s by Kari W., who managed to capture an animated conversation between a Baltimore oriole and a scarlet tanager.

Backyard Birding Contest

In our 3rd Place Best Photo winning entry, David N. snapped these two companionable blue jays outside his window.

Backyard Birding Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in our backyard birding contest and a special thank you to Feather Friendly for teaming up with us for this contest and providing each of our winners with a Triple Roll DIY Window Collision Prevention Kit.

We hope everyone had fun and will continue to help spread the word about preventing window collisions and sharing the joy of spotting all those wonderful bird species you can see right from your own home.

If you have further questions about preventing bird window collisions or about Feather Friendly, give us a call or click on the link below.

Happy Birding!

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