A Guide to Goose Egg Removal Permits in Indiana

Jan 24, 2023
Geese on roof

For those of us in the still-frozen Midwest, spring may seem far away. But warmer temperatures – and new generations of baby birds – will be here before you know it: goose breeding season starts in February and extends through April.

Effective bird control can – and often should – start well before eggs hatch. By proactively managing nests and depredating eggs, you can head off a vicious cycle of breeding, nesting and aggression.

With breeding season around the corner, you may have questions about how to properly manage goose eggs in Indiana. Here is a quick look at how the permitting and registration process works in the state.

How to Register a Goose Egg Removal Permit in Indiana

Individuals and properties seeking to remove goose eggs in Indiana must register with the county where the eggs or nest are located. A permit is required before any work is done.

Once all information is submitted and a permit is issued, a state-licensed individual or contractor (like Wild Goose Chase Indy) may begin service. During the course of service, all information – including site visit dates and the number of eggs addled or nests destroyed – must be recorded.

After nesting season is complete, the data must be reported to the county. It is important to note that if a site was registered but no nests were destroyed, a report totaling “0” must still be filed. 

Wild Goose Chase Indy Takes the Inconvenience Out of Permitting

For goose egg removal registration, permitting and reporting, all Wild Goose Chase Indy needs is your signature and some basic information about your property. We handle everything else.

As soon as registration is finalized, our work will commence. Once our services are complete, we will fill out and file all necessary reports with county and state agencies.

Your Partner for Goose Nest Management

With decades of safe, effective and humane bird control experience, Wild Goose Chase Indy has helped countless clients manage nuisance birds. We have extensive experience controlling the most common birds with a range of services – from nest management to laser control. For more information about our solutions, reach out to our biologist-led team of experts.

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