Pest Bird Consulting

The Wild Goose Chase team has the experience and expertise needed for a variety of consulting services to suit your property’s wildlife management needs. Team members include Staff Biologists, a Horticulturalist, Certified Pesticide Applicators, and an FAA Qualified Airport Wildlife Biologist. Together, we have years of experience in areas including wildlife management, wildlife research, landscape planning and installation, natural areas restoration, and land use planning.

Pest Bird Consulting Services Include:

  • Site surveys completed by staff biologists and structural engineers

  • Data analysis and reporting, if applicable

  • A detailed report of the conflicts with possible solutions

  • Site specific, integrated program design

  • Program roll-out assistance


Our Model Programs

Food Manufacturing Audit Assistance - Our team of staff biologists, and construction specialists have the expertise to identify pest bird issues, recommend solutions and implement those solutions to assist the food manufacturing industry with regular food safety audits.  We can help your team get ready for an audit and assist in addressing the pest bird issues raised during the audit.


Handheld Laser Training - Our team of bird control specialists provide onsite training on how to safely and effectively use powerful handheld lasers to be used as an effective bird control technique for multiple bird species.

Goose Egg Depredation Training - With 20 years of experience providing Egg Depredation services we have the ability to travel to your facility and train several members of your staff on Goose Egg Depredation best practices, permit requirements, and overall goose behavior information.

Canine Selection and Training for Goose Control - Our experienced team of dog trainers and animal behaviorists can assist your organization in finding the right working canine to address your pest bird issue.  Once the right canine has been selected, we can provide initial training and regular annual evaluations and follow-up training.

Airport Wildlife Hazard Management -  We can help maintain a safe operating environment at your airport through wildlife hazard assessments, management plans, and airport staff training.

Landscape Management Plans - We can help your property attract desirable bird species while deterring damage causing wildlife by using landscape designs.

Community Planning - We will develop comprehensive wildlife damage assessments and management plans for communities, HOA’s, and park districts.

Community Education - We have a commitment to increasing public awareness and knowledge about wildlife through various seminars and presentations.


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