Managing a Seagull Infestation: Letter from a Property Manager

Aug 20, 2020

At Migratory Bird Management, we take pride in solving bird problems to greatly reduce property manager stress. Below is a letter we recently received from a relieved property manager of a popular grocery chain location in the Milwaukee area.

Seagull Infestion at Popular Grocery Chain

In the Spring of 2019, I was faced with a nightmare scenario as a Property Manager. I had a vacant large box, located in both a downtown and a dense residential area infested with seagulls.

I had calls from the neighbors and calls from the local government officials complaining about the situation. It was bad. Thousands of seagulls taking over the shopping center. I immediately contacted Migratory Bird Management. I have used them before for issues less serious with great results, but this was as bad as it gets. Mike Michalski quickly responded to the matter and we worked immediately to set up an action plan. He walked us through the permit application process and managed our expectations on the process of getting the birds removed from the property. Mike and his team are extremely knowledgeable on the bird species and are excellent in explaining their habits and behaviors. He educated me, the building owner and City officials so that we all had the knowledge we needed as we worked to get the birds and their nests removed from the property.

Migratory Bird Management offered a turnkey service, keeping us up to date with their progress throughout the process this Spring and Summer. The team provided pictures and status updates after each visit. Mike even reached out to the City to keep them in the loop on numerous occasions. In 2020 they were able to humanely remove over 2,400 nests and 13,000 eggs from the roof top of the building.

Today we met with City officials on site, looking at a property that is 100% bird free. We discussed plans and options for continued success, but we all left very happy with the amazing progress made. I could not ask for a better group to work with. If you are experiencing issues on your property with bird species, I would highly recommend you reach out to Mike and his team.”

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