How to Protect People and Property from Aggressive Geese

Mar 22, 2021

Aggressive Goose

This goose is ready to attack!

Geese are well known for their volatile temperaments. Some breeds of domestic geese are even kept as “guard dogs,” helping to protect livestock and property from both human and animal intruders. Wild geese are no different, and when nesting season hits, their legendary willingness to brawl creates significant issues for the humans and pets that share their territory.

The Canada geese that reside and nest in our area are often incredibly defensive of their nesting territory. They will attack – and occasionally kill – not only other geese, but also other waterfowl such as ducks, gulls, and terns. But they don’t stop there! Nesting geese, protecting as little as a single egg, have been known to attack people, dogs, cars, and even a silverback gorilla who came too close to a nest inside a zoo enclosure.

Attacks against people and pets can cause significant injuries. An average adult giant Canada goose weighs 12.5 pounds and can accelerate to 60 mph when threatened – striking with enough force to knock an adult human to the ground. Goose attacks have been known to cause broken bones, lacerations that required stitches and staples, head trauma, vehicle accidents, emotional trauma and more.

Goose Control Sign
After experiencing goose attacks, this property owner had to tape off a section of the property to keep visitors safe.

Federal Law Requests Careful Removal of Canada Geese

Having a pair of aggressive geese nesting on your property can lead to injuries, damage, and lawsuits. When geese nest on rooftops, the danger increases dramatically for maintenance workers and others entering and exiting the building. Canada geese are federally protected and even when behaving aggressively, need to be managed carefully within those protections.

Goose with Eggs
When geese nest on rooftops, their aggressive behavior in defense of their eggs or young can be dangerous for those nearby.

While aggressive geese can be a problem, it’s worth remembering that this behavior is part of what makes them incredible parents that will often protect their eggs and young at the risk of their own lives. Migratory Bird Management has over 23 years of experience managing aggressive nesting geese safely, legally and with the care and respect they deserve. Contact us today for more information on our goose control services!

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