A Dog’s Life: From Working Canine to Family Dog

Jul 25, 2019

I am often asked, “What does your company do with your goose chasing dogs and bed bug-sniffing dogs after their job is over?” So, I thought I’d share a recent story about how many of our working dog’s transition into retirement. We hope you enjoy Molly’s story and we’d like to also encourage you to consider pet adoption when you choose your next family pet!

Molly is a ten year-young spunky, playful Labrador-hound mix. She’s been a scent detection canine since 2009 when she came to Canine Detection & Inspection Services (a sister company of Wild Goose Chase) already trained from a facility in Florida. Because she came from such a rural area, she needed a lot of training and socialization for the city life, but once she got it she adapted very well and was one of our best urban workers. She’s been a trusted, loyal companion and working partner for many handlers, including the company president, Sue Hagberg.

Molly & her bone!

Molly & her bone!

Molly especially loved going home with Sue and would always try to sneak on the couch! In the office, everyone always had to keep their lunches protected because Molly was a notorious food thief, once stealing and eating an entire loaf of bread. She’s been with the company from the days when headquarters was out of Sue’s house, through different buildings, all the way to our current HQ in Chicago Ridge, IL. Always our dog of choice to introduce new, uncertain pups to life at WGC/CDIS, she’s been a staple of the entire company for many years.

Our goal has always been to provide our working canines with the best retirement life ever, and Molly was no different. So, we reached out to our network of friends and clients in hopes of finding the perfect retirement home for her sunset years. When we heard from one of our long-time clients, Agata, we were so excited that she and her family were interested in Molly. Of course, Agata instantly fell in love with Molly’s pictures too! One home visit later, Molly gained a new set of human parents, plus a human sister and a canine brother named Theodore. Her favorite part of her new home is the pool, and snuggle time with her family on the couch. We’ve also heard that she follows around her new mom in the house every step of the way! Although she will be sorely missed around HQ, Molly has found the perfect “fur-ever” home and we are absolutely ecstatic to announce her adoption!

Agata welcoming Molly to the family

Agata welcoming Molly to the family!

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