Goose Egg Depredation

Our Goose Nest Management service, also called Goose Egg Depredation, addresses two types of problems you may have with nesting geese. The first is preventing the birds from increasing in numbers through reproduction. This is accomplished through the use of egg depredation. The second problem we address is reducing the health and human safety risks caused by aggressive geese.  During nesting season, both male and female geese become territorial of their nesting area.  If the geese feel threatened they can act aggressively towards humans, including attacking and causing serious harm.

Egg Depredation
Nest management is called Egg Depredation which is a means of stopping the birds from having a successful nesting season. Egg addling is a process that stops eggs from developing or hatching and can be done by oiling, shaking, puncturing, or removing the eggs. Oiling is our preferred method as it is the most humane and is accomplished by coating the egg(s) with a food grade corn oil. This keeps air from passing through the eggshell which stops the development process.

Egg Depredation can only be performed by state-licensed handlers.


Egg Depredation services include using trained and licensed handlers, locating nest(s), and removal/disposal of eggs with each site visit. In addition, we will do follow-up and report filing with the appropriate state agencies.


Do I Need a Permit for Goose Egg Depredation?

Depending on the state where you are located, there are different rules and regulations regarding egg depredation services.  Beginning in spring of 2018, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) changed their requirements for Illinois properties by no longer requiring a property to secure an IDNR issued permit so long as the property is contracting a licensed contractor that is authorized to provide goose egg depredation services.  However, the contractor must have an executed contract on file listing the property address in order to provide services. 


Note that if a property owner chooses to complete goose egg depredation services with their own staff, the staff members involved must be licensed and an IDNR permit IS required.


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