Our Dogs

Eva is a nearly three year old adopted Border Collie. She is ABCA certified as well as AKC, and CPE. She came to Wild Goose Chase nearly two years ago and was later adopted from the company by her handler.

Eva excels in her walk-ups, chasing, and recalls. She receives two private herding sessions per week, as well as a private agility lesson and agility class. Eva gets along best with those she sees the most, or any complete stranger that will throw her a Frisbee.


She is especially fond of one year old Charlie, her handler's grandson. Her canine companions are Cool, Hoot, Hope, Arwen, Sully, Dash, and Jackson, not necessarily in that order. Eva’s favorite “outside of work" activity, is more work. She is fantabulous in sheep herding and agility.

Rick Danciu is Eva’s handler and owner and they can be seen working around the southern and west routes.


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