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Want to Get Rid of Your Gulls? We’ve Got Good & Bad News…

August 13, 2021
An exploding population of ring-billed and herring gulls across the Midwest can put building owners at a significant disadvantage. Legal protections limit what you can do once a population has moved in and the incredible adaptability of these birds limits the effectiveness of the options you have left. Meanwhile, what... Read More

Are You Unintentionally Creating Perfect Habitats for Nesting Birds?

February 25, 2020
Spring is the season of love for bird species, both beneficial and nuisance varieties. When the weather warms up, so do bird relationships. Hormones and the drive to reproduce are running high. As birds prepare for nesting season, property owners should too if you want to avoid unsightly and unhygienic... Read More

Bird Control Success Story: BirdSlide Prevents Swallow Nesting

April 26, 2019
An estimated 1 billion birds die every year colliding with windows. Have you ever encountered a situation where you were confused, agitated, irritated, or annoyed? We've all been there, especially with regard to pest birds. This new section seeks to acknowledge these 'ruffled feathers' moments and share how WGC has... Read More