New Study Shows the Effectiveness of Lasers for Bird Management

Apr 7, 2021

Bird Laser Control

Handheld and autonomic lasers have long been popular methods of bird management; a new study from Wageningen University shows just how effective they are.

Waterfowl and other pest birds can threaten crops, endanger livestock with diseases such as avian flu, and cause damage to facilities.

Lasers have long been used as an efficient and humane method of deterring birds from visiting and nesting on property, but just how effective are they?

A bio-veterinary team at Wageningen University in the Netherlands recently studied this exact question, looking at populations of waterfowl – including ducks and geese – near poultry farms.

A 98+% Decrease in Unwelcome Bird Activity

Wageningen’s project leader of the study and epidemiologist Armin Elbers explained that “for free-range poultry farms located in high-risk avian flu areas, which had repeated introductions of avian flu virus in the past, we believe that a laser could be helpful as a preventive measure to keep wild birds away from the farm.”

The team installed an AVIX Autonomic Mark II laser on a 20-foot-high post near the free-range poultry barn. With eight wide-angle video cameras, they monitored duck and geese activity in the area over two months: one month without the laser, one month with the laser. And the results are promising.

With the AVIX laser in use, almost no wild ducks visited the range (99.7% prevention) and visits from other wild birds were significantly reduced (> 96% prevention).

“When the laser was not in use in the study area, many wild geese visited the surrounding grass pastures during the day,” noted Elbers. “When the laser was being used in the surrounding pastures, the pastures were ‘swept clean’ during the day, and geese were no longer present in the laser-beamed area.”

The overall efficacy of the laser in reducing the number of wild ducks and geese in the study area was 98.2%

The AVIX Autonomic Mark II Laser System

The results of the Wageningen study reinforce Wild Goose Chase’s positive experiences with using the AVIX laser systems, as well as handheld lasers.

Wild Goose Chase has served as an authorized reseller and installer of the AVIX laser systems since 2015. The lasers, manufactured by Bird Control Group, are a fully automated bird repellent system to protect crops, livestock, rooftops, and prevent unsafe situations at airports, and more.

The systems are remotely controlled from an app and customizable to your needs. View the system status, track the system’s operating hours using Bluetooth technology, and switch the device on and off all from your phone.

Wild Goose Chase’s clients have experienced great success in humanely monitoring and managing pest birds with laser products such as the AVIX system. From agricultural to aerospace industries, effectively managing bird populations is critical to health, safety, and efficiency. Additionally, the lasers can be utilized as an emergency response to chemical or oil spills, helping to keep birds and other animals out of harm’s way.

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