Wild Goose Chase Joins with Animal Lovers and Fans in Honoring Betty White and her “Pet Cause”

Jan 17, 2022
Dog Services

When Hollywood star Betty White died just weeks before she would have turned 100 years old, inspired fans launched a campaign to honor the Oak Park, Ill. native’s  lifelong love of animals and support of animal rescue efforts.

Participants in the #BettyWhiteChallenge include zoos, animal rescue groups, animal lovers, and of course, fans of Betty White.

At Wild Goose Chase, we’re joining the effort with a $100 donation to Paws Chicago, which has been rescuing and caring for homeless pets since 1997.

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to honor Betty and support an organization like Paws, which relies on the support of donors, volunteers and people like you.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting this worthy cause.

Our Four-Legged Team Members Couldn’t Agree More: Support Animal Rescue Efforts

At Wild Goose, many of our four-legged team members came to us from rescue shelters. When they retire, they are usually adopted by their handlers or by another member of the WGC family. These dogs are valuable members of our team, beloved companions and a great example of the incredible work that animal rescue groups can do.

When they’re not helping us raise money for animal rescue efforts, these hardworking and well-trained dogs stay busy doing everything from patrolling for geese to helping to detect oil leaks.

You can find their stories by clicking on their portraits here.


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