Goose Control & Removal Dogs: Tyler

Tyler is a ABCA, AKC, and CPE registered border collie. He joined the Chase in May of 2016.

Tyler was born on a working sheep farm in central Wisconsin to parents Pik and Annie who arrived from Scotland. Tyler was chosen as a small pup to join his family because of his sparkling personality and fluffy curly coat. He went to his forever home at only 7 weeks old.

Tyler absolutely loves his job, and the best part of his day is chasing Canada geese or ring-billed gulls. One of his best friends is Jim from Microbac, and he loves to greet him on the beach at sunrise. He also likes Twiggy and Bambi, his horse pals at Billy’s farm where he is learning to herd sheep.

When not working at WGC, Tyler is kept busy with sheep herding and agility competitions. Tyler can be seen working on the South, Central, and West routes, as well as Jeorse Park Beach. He lives with his owner and primary handler, Joey Drada.