Goose Control & Removal Dogs: Keela

Keela is a rescued tri-color border collie.

She was found by someone in Wisconsin as a stray alongside the road. Ray Valadez contacted the person who rescued her through a Facebook post. She was officially adopted on June 13, 2014 and within days she was being evaluated/trained as a goose chaser by Sonja Klattenberg.

She has very good geese recognition and will always chase on command. Her recall has always been one of her strengths which is very important on a lot of the West route accounts where she works.

Keela is very friendly and is described by most strangers she meets as “sweet”. When she is not working (which at times may be up to 6-7 days a week), she does enjoy relaxing with her family, or taking walks with them. But, by far her most favorite activity is retrieving Frisbees.

Keela works exclusively with Sonja Klattenberg and Ray Valadez.