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Wild Goose Chase provides humane, cost effective services for businesses, organizations and individuals experiencing problems with geese and migratory birds.

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Wild Goose Chase > St. Louis, Missouri Location

Wild Goose Chase - St. Louis, Missouri:

Wild Goose Chase of St. Louis provides an integrated solution for the control of Canada Geese and other nuisance birds to prevent damage to public and private properties. You can be assured that our approach is safe, efficient and effective in nuisance bird management.

Canada Goose management is implemented through:
    - our Border Collie Chase program,
    - helping you modify your landscape design,
    - use of the product Flight Control goose repellent to spray on your turf,
    - performing egg depredation in the spring, and
    - displaying wildlife signage to help remind your customers or employees to not feed the geese.

After a review of your property, we will develop a specific goose management program integrating the services and schedule that works best for your property.

St. Charles Woman Injured By Angry Goose (KTVI)– Charles Holt thinks it`s time to loosen the restrictions on getting rid of geese. His wife was injured after she tried to duck and run from an angry goose outside an office park near Interstate 70 and Earth City Expressway. Watch Fox2News Video Report


Contact: St. Louis, Missouri:

Annie Hubbard, Office Administrator - ahubbard-st.louis@wildgoosechasers.com

Charlie Hubbard, Sales and Service - chubbard-st.louis@wildgoosechasers.com
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