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Goose Control Fact: In a publication by Cornell Cooperative Extension, Univ. of Wisconsin & the Wildlife Society, it was concluded that "a single, quick-fix solution is unlikely to reduce goose problems. An integrated approach using several techniques in combination is much more likely to succeed.

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Goose Control Overview

Do you have problems with unwanted Geese?

As referenced in the article by Cornell Cooperative Extension, Wisconsin University and the Wildlife Society, "an integrated approach, using several techniques in combination is much more likely to succeed" than a single quick-fix solution. That's why Wild Goose Chase offers customized goose management programs to fit the need of each individual customer.

Here are some of our proven goose control services:

  • Hazing with Working Border Collies and Trained Handlers - Our handlers each receive a minimum of 60 hours of onsite field training in goose behavior, general goose biology, laws/regulations, first aid safety, dog handling and property client specifics. Working with dogs is the key component in our goose control strategy. The WGC Handler’s responsibility is to inspect client properties with the objective of “herding” nuisance Canada Geese off the turf areas and water, and gulls off beaches by means of "harassment" using our trained Border Collies. The Handler complies with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and its regulations, and does not allow the dogs to physically harm or capture any migratory birds at any time. The Handler uses verbal and whistle commands for the dog to “herd” nuisance Canada Geese and gulls from the contracted property.
  • Protecting Bodies of Water - We use our expertise in kayaking, laser and remote controlled boats, along with dogs to protect large bodies of water in conjunction with other goose control methods.
  • Landscape Elements - We will help you utilize landscaping as a goose deterrent to restrict access to areas of your property that might provide natural food and water to geese. This is important t if your property contains ponds or lakes.
  • Flight Control® Plus - A sprayed application that is safe for the environment, people and animals. It is a chemical goose repellent that denies geese their food source.
  • Egg Depredation - A federally permitted process of preventing the hatching of Canada Goose eggs to limit future population.

Incorporating a goose control plan developed specifically for your property by Wild Goose Chase reduces the cost and risk of:

  • Unnecessary labor for sweeping, cleaning and other means to remove goose droppings from paved areas to sports fields
  • Lost revenue from reduction in property value and loss of curb appeal
  • Additional maintenance costs needed to keep ponds clean from excess algae bloom caused by an overload of goose feces in the water
  • Injuries caused by aggressive geese during the nesting season
  • Injuries and property damage from automobile and airplane strike hazards

Wild Goose Chase provides humane, cost effective services
for businesses, organizations and individuals experiencing problems with geese.

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and demonstration of our working dogs.

Why Canada Goose control is important:

Canada Geese are large magnificent birds that historically migrate between their traditional nesting grounds in Canada to their wintering grounds in the southern regions of the United States. Yet, populations of Canada Geese (Branta canadensis “maxima") have abandoned this traditional pattern and are not migrating between different wintering and nesting grounds.

US Airways Jet struck by Canada Geese in 2010

While geese are an important component of our environment, they bring significant conflicts to many of our urban areas in Illinois. These conflicts include threats to aviation safety, consumption of field crops, feeding upon golf courses and lawns. They present threats to public safety from attacks as they defend their nests and from the accumulation of their droppings on lawns, athletic fields, and in parks.

As always, it is best to use preventative techniques BEFORE the problem gets started in an area. Once geese are established, it can become very difficult to deter them from a given area, particularly after nesting has begun. Think long-term management, not just short-term solution!

It is important to keep in mind that there is not one technique or strategy that can be used every time or everywhere for goose control problems. Resolving a problem requires an integrated management approach and cooperation from everyone including individuals, homeowners associations, communities and city/town councils. Combining the use of several techniques discussed in the following pages will greatly improve the effectiveness of dealing with human/wildlife conflicts.

Methods of we use to get rid of unwanted Geese:

Working Border Collie Chase Program
Habitat Modification - a Goose Deterrent
Flight Control - a Goose Repellent
Canada Goose Egg Depredation
Signage - Prevention through Educating about Goose Problems

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